What is the angle of 125 degree?

What is the angle of 125 degree?

Obtuse – any angle which measures more than 90 degrees but less than 180 degrees. These are “fat” angles that are very wide. Sample: angle DEF measures 125 degrees. Then angle DEF is obtuse.

How do you construct a 125 degree angle with a protractor?

We draw a line segment PQ of some length using a ruler. Then with point Q as the focus we measure an angle of 125° with a protractor and mark it on the figure, then we join the line segment from B to the mark and name the point R. Thus the angle ∠PQR = 125° is obtained.

How do you draw a 127 degree angle with a compass?

Following steps:

  1. Draw a line using scale.
  2. as a center draw an angle using protector like.
  3. as a center draw an arc using compass which cuts line and at.
  4. From point , draw an arc with any measure.
  5. By same measure from point , draw an arc which cuts before arc at.

How do you construct a 120 degree and bisect it?


  1. Draw an angle of ∠AOB of 120°.
  2. Draw an arc from point O. This arc will cut the ray OA at any point C and ray OB at any point D.
  3. Draw two arcs of the same radii from the points C and D as centres.
  4. Join the point O to the point M by a ray OM. The ray OM will cut the angle ∠AOB into equal parts.
  5. m∠AOM = m∠BOM =

What type of angle is 127 degrees?

obtuse angle-an angle between 90 and 180 degrees.

What are the angles you can make with a compass?

Angles that can be constructed by Compass and Straightedge are 15,30,45,60,90,120,150,180 degrees and some other angles can be constructed by Bisection (for eg.

How to make a 20 degree angle using ruler?

Constructing a 20 Degree Angle using Ruler and Compass 1 Step 1:. 2 Step 2:. This will be your normal 60 Degree angle arc. 3 Step 3:. Till Step 3, it was a normal construction. Step 4 is where the ‘Twist’ occurs!!! 4 Step 4:. Angle JAB is your 20 degree angle! Now you can easily construct angles measuring… More

How do you make an angle of 60º?

Construction of an Angle of 60º Step 1: Draw any ray AB. Step 2: Taking A as the centre and with any suitable radius, draw an arc PQ that cuts AB at Q. Step 3: Taking Q as the centre and radius equal to AQ, draw an arc cutting the previous arc PQ at R. Step 4: Join AR and produce it to get AC. Step 5: ∠BAC is the required angle equal to 60º.

How to draw an equilateral triangle step by step?

⇒ ΔOPR is an equilateral triangle. Step I: Draw ∠AOB = 60º by using the steps mentioned above. Step II: With centre O and any convenient radius draw an arc cutting OA and OB at P and Q respectively. Step III: With centre P and radius more than (PQ), draw an arc in the interior of ∠AOB. Step VI: The angle ∠AOC is the angle of measure 30º.

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