What did Johnny Maestro die of?

What did Johnny Maestro die of?

Johnny Maestro/Cause of death

The cause was cancer, said Les Cauchi, an original member of the Brooklyn Bridge, which continues to perform before graying audiences, swaying to the tunes of their teenage years. “The original Brooklyn Bridge had 11 members, singing and playing,” Mr. Cauchi said. “Now there are six members, without Johnny.”

Are the crests still alive?

The Crests were an American doo-wop group, formed by bass vocalist J.T….

The Crests
Origin New York City, New York, United States
Genres Doo Wop, R&B, Rock and Roll
Years active 1954–present
Labels Coed Records, Joyce Records

When did Johnny Maestro pass away?

March 24, 2010
Johnny Maestro/Date of death
NEW YORK — Singer Johnny Maestro of the rock ‘n’ roll and doo-wop band The Brooklyn Bridge has died. Original band member Les Cauchi says Maestro died March 24 in Florida. Maestro was 70 and had been battling cancer. His last residence was in Cape Coral, Fla.

Who wrote the worst that could happen by Brooklyn Bridge?

Jimmy Webb
The Worst That Could Happen/Composers

Who is the new lead singer of The Brooklyn Bridge?

Joe “Bean” Esposito
Singer/songwriter Joe “Bean” Esposito is currently the lead singer of The Brooklyn Bridge and a former member of The Brooklyn Dreams.

Why did the crests break up?

Browne didn’t have much promotional power, but a year later songwriter Billy Dawn Smith steered the Crests to Coed Records, which did. Coed’s desire to break Maestro off as a solo artist eventually led to some tension with the other Crests, who included Carter, Talmadge Gough and Hector Torres.

How old is JT Carter of the crests?

Carter, 77, is set to perform Saturday in New Brunswick during the Brooklyn Paramount Reunion Jubilee of Stars, a multi-act revue. He is the last surviving original Crest; the others were Patricia Vandross (sister of Luther Vandross), Johnny Maestro (later of the Brooklyn Bridge), Harold “Chico” Torres and Tommy Gough.

Who are the children of singer Johnny Maestro?

He was born on the Lower East Side of Manhattan on May 7, 1939 as John Mastrangelo. He is survived by his wife Grace and three children Lisa, Brad, and Tracy.

Who was the singer that died of cancer?

American singer Johnny Maestro dies at 70. American singer Johnny Maestro died of cancer Wednesday at his home in Cape Coral, Florida.

How old was Johnny Maestro when he died?

He was 70. Les Cauchi, a friend and original Brooklyn Bridge member, said Maestro – born John Mastrangelo – died late Wednesday in Florida. His last residence was in Cape Coral, Fla. After beginning his career in the 1950s with The Crests – one of the first interracial singing groups – Maestro joined a local New York group, The Del-Satins.

When was the last time Maestro performed at Mohegan Sun?

Maestro’s last performance was Jan. 17, when The Brooklyn Bridge was among groups appearing at the Mohegan Sun Arena in Connecticut. It was billed as “Bowzer’s Ultimate Doo-Wop Party.”


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