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Free SIMS For Christmas

Free SIMS For Christmas

Free SIMS For Christmas

Laptops, Tablets and mobile phones are increasingly featuring high on peoples Christmas wish lists, particularly amongst the younger generation. So much so that some sort of mobile gadget will undoubtedly be in the top 3 of their most desired gift.

Your loved one may have been hinting forever that they want the new Apple iPad, but how do you know how much data they need, or how much they want to spend on a monthly contract? You could just buy the device and let them make up their own mind later, but no-one wants to get a shiny new mobile phone or tablet on Christmas day and not be able to use it.

Free SIM Card – How to get one

If you weren’t aware, there is already a handy little solution out there. It helps people get their devices going almost straight away with a minimum 30 day Top Up charge, and no lengthy tie in.

It’s basically a Free Pay as you go SIM (or Free SIM) and if you choose carefully, you can get unlimited texts, extra minutes, 2 for 1 cinema tickets or numerous free rewards for quite a minimum outlay.  All networks will let you pick up Free SIM’s in store or order online, and you can usually pick up between 1 and 4 depending on the network.

Be aware though, that some of the latest Smartphones will require a smaller Micro SIM, and tablets will require a Mobile Broadband free SIM card.

If you’re buying the gift mobile device from a specific network, then it makes sense to get the free SIM from the same one, then you won’t have to arrange to unlock the mobile device. Package it up with your mobile device present, and you’re good to go!

Free SIM – How to activate

On the morning of the big day, all the hopefully delighted recipient has to do is pop in the Free SIM card, call the free number indicted on the SIM pack by the network, and it will be activated in an instant.

If they had a mobile phone before and want to keep the same number, no problem! The number can easily be switched by asking their current network provider for a PAC (Porting Authorisation Code), give this to the new network provider and they will switch it over. Usually there is no hassle and it all takes place in under 24 hours.

If you want to really treat someone this Christmas, why not pick up a Vodafone Free SIM card and choose from any number of Free SIM Freebie packages. From £50 worth of free minutes and texts, to Free text and web, or 1000 free minutes, all for just £10.

The added bonus with Vodafone is that once they TopUp, they will start to receive “Freebies Rewards”. These can be exchanged for DVD rentals, restaurant vouchers, or a mobile game download amongst many other goodies. Alternatively they can save them up and cash in for a bigger reward later on. For once, something that really is free and worth having.

+Sheridan has a wealth of experience working in both IT and mobile phone marketing, and has a keen interest in all technological developments. She currently writes insightful articles and expert review content for GizmoBird and other blog sites about interesting events in the mobile world.

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