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Unlike Google+ Facebook is for Every Phone!

Unlike Google+ Facebook is for Every Phone!

Unlike Google+ Facebook is for Every Phone!

Facebook has clearly understood the heat with is business so it has come up with its new app Facebook for Every Phone. With its arch rival Google launching Google+ which now poses as a grave threat to Facebook, the latter seems to have been bit disturbed.

As a result it has launched the app Facebook for Every Phone which will be now available on 2500 odd phones. Facebook has also partnered with top 20 mobile carriers around the world to provide free data access to this app for 90 days.

The process is all simple. Take your mobile phone and visit the webpage d.facebook.com/install and you can access this app within few moments. Alternatively you can download from m.facebook.com website too. One more method is getting this app through any of the famous app stores such as GetJar, Appia, etc.

With this app you can view the typical Facebook page inclusive of the NewsFeed, Photo Albums, Profile, etc. You can even upload photos and find friends from your mobile contacts. Are you wondering what’s the big deal in this? Well then you should be a smartphone user.

The big deal in this is that all the above quoted features are available even in non-smartphones due to this app. One of the striking features of this app is it is compatible with almost all the mobile phones (not top brands alone like other apps).

Although the app is free of cost, the data accessed is charged. In order to reduce that cost too, facebook is optimizing this app. This means the data accessed will be less when compared to other Java apps for mobile sites.

As an introductory offer 20 carriers and Facebook has collaborated to provide free service to this app for first 90 days. Facebook is obliged to the following carriers for providing free service to this app –

India: Aircel, Airtel, Idea, Reliance

Philippines: Globe, Smart

Indonesia: Smartfren, Telkomsel, Indosat, XL, Three (in U.K also)

Other Countries:

Banglalink (Bangladesh)

Beeline (Russia)

Celcom (Malaysia)

Etisalat (Egypt, Nigeria)

O2 Telefonica (Germany)

TIM (Brazil)

TMN (Portugal)

Ufone (Pakistan)

Vodafone (Turkey)

This app is currently available in almost all Java enabled mobile handsets and it is said that even more handsets will be compatible with this app in the near future.

This app is developed by the famous feature phone app maker Snaptu which makes apps exclusively for Java enabled mobile devices.

It’s said that Facebook first named the app as Facebook for Feature Phones and it was later named as Facebook for Every Phone since they are now aiming to provide the same facebook environment to both smartphone and non-smartphone users.

Sources from Facebook say that apart from this 2500 odd phones there will be even more phones that will be made compatible with this app. Facebook is doing all it can to survive the competition with the big G. Let’s see who picks up momentum.

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