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Why do plains have high population density?

Why do plains have high population density?

plains have high density of population because these are the most suitable land for agriculture . and also these lands are fertiled as a river overflows here . it is also very easy to build houses over here.

Why population is more in plains?

Northern Plains are in India are the most recent landforms. These are formed by the alluvial deposits laid down by the rivers such as the Indus, the Ganga, the Brahmaputra and their tributaries. Therefore, fertile land is provided by the river. Thus, more people reside in the northern plains.

Why planes are more densely populated than hilly areas?

Answer: Formation of Plains: Plains are usually formed by rivers and their tributaries. When a river flows down a mountain, it erodes the mountain. Due to above mentioned factors; plains are the best areas for human habitation. Hence, plains are thickly populated.

Why is the population density in the northern plains of our country very high?

The Northern Plains of India are densely populated due to the fine alluvium deposits which makes the plain very fertile. Hence,many farmers prefer to settle here, people also settle here as it is the bestlandformto settle on and it has the most facilities like transportation, communication etc.

Which plains have high density of population?

Indo- Gangetic plains have a high density of population.

Why plains and valleys are densely populated?

Agriculture practises can easily practised there due to flat land and availability of fertile soil brought down by the rivers flowing there. the soil is very fertile hair and hence agriculture can be done. As the river plain has sufficient water and very fertile lands, so the river plains are densly populated.

Why plains and river valleys are densely populated give one reason?

Rivers and valleys are densely populated as these areas are perfectly suitable for agriculture. Plains provide fertile soil and is suitable for constructions and large buildings. Roads can be made on these plains so that small to big vehicles can run over them providing easy transportation facilities to people.

Why is the population density high in northern India Brainly?

EXPLANATION: The rich soil cover together with favourable climate and copious water supply made Kerala and the northern plains agriculturally very productive. Due to this factor, the population density is also the highest in these regions amongst all other regions ofof India.

Why is the population density greatest in the northern part of India?

Due to alluvial soil being present for example, the northern plains, coastal regions and also the deltaic regions of India tend to have high population densities.

Why Indo Gangetic plains are densely populated?

The Ganga Plain is mainly made of fertile alluvial soil which has resulted in increased agricultural activities. Thus, fertile soil, presence of many rivers, favourable climate and the availability of flat terrain have made this region one of the most densely populated areas of the world.

Which area of Andhra Pradesh have high density of population write any two reasons?

Areas such as Hyderabad, Krishna District, and Rangareddy District have high population density in Andhra Pradesh. The reason for this high density of population is because of the location of these places. Though Hyderabad is located at a comparatively high altitude, the city has developed into a metropolitan city.

Why river valleys are densely populated give three reasons?

River Valleys are densely populated than the plateaus because of the following reasons. 2) The climate at the places like river valleys is suitable for agricultural activities as these areas have fertile soil. 3) People live in these areas because fresh water is easily available here.

Why do we find high population densities in the northern plains?

Why do we find high population densities in the northern plains? The northern Plains off course have a plain topography the river Ganga and yamuna and their tributaries provide water n presence of alluvial soil makes it a fertile land. Thus it is highly populated . The high-density region largely corresponds with the Northern plains .

Why are river valleys more fertile than Plains?

Fertile land- River valleys are more fertile due to fluvial deposits. Fertile land have high agricultural productivity which is essential for human life. Water Availability- Water is the most important factor for considering a place suitable for living.

Why are the northern plains of India so fertile?

The Northern plains are fertile. Various river streaming down the Himalayas bring water rich in nutrients and sediments in the plains. Hence the plains are suitable for agriculture. Moreover, the North is crisscrossed by perennial rivers.

What do you mean when you say plains?

First, it’s important to be clear on what you mean by “plains.” Strictly speaking, a plain is an expanse of flat (-ish) land; it refers to topography. However, the term is sometimes used for grasslands – a biome.

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