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Why did they stop making The Tribe?

Why did they stop making The Tribe?

However, they were prevented from taking the series because it would need a “C” classification, which is was not granted due to its “gritty” elements. Meanwhile, the Controller of Channel 5 felt that the series was beginning to outgrow the premise of young people surviving without adults.

How many seasons of The Tribe are there?

The Tribe (1999 TV series)

The Tribe
No. of series 5
No. of episodes 260 (list of episodes)
Executive producers Raymond Thompson Geoff Husson

Why did Zandra leave The Tribe?

Trivia. Zandra was written out of the series as actress Amy Morrison had decided to focus on her studies instead. The Tribe is also one of the last few times Morrison would appear on screen.

Was The Tribe Cancelled?

As the cast grew older, the broadcaster felt that the series was outgrowing its original premise and The Tribe was cancelled after Series 5. This led to Cloud 9 developing a series of novels to continue the story of the television series, the first of which was released in 2011.

Where is the tribe filmed?

A fair amount of scenes in The Tribe were filmed at the Kaitoke Regional Park in the Wellington.

What happened to Paul the tribe?

Being deaf, Paul is an easy target to be bullied by Lex, the bad boy of the Mall Rats. Paul soon disapears and is never found. His disappearance has deeply upsetted his sister Patsy who blames Lex for driving him away.

What happened to Paul in the tribe?

Why did Chloe leave the tribe?

During the Technos reign over the city, she ends up in a forbidden relationship with the techno Ved. But because the Techno Leader Ram disapproved of their relationship, he deletes Cloe while she is inside their Virtual Reality game and disappears.

What happened to Bray in the tribe?

After an attack against The Chosen goes drastically awry, Lex and Bray are left for dead on the beach in a dune buggy accident.

Is there going to be a tribe series 6?

The series was still targeted at young people, but the actors were growing up. However, Channel 5 was interested in a sequel to The Tribe which Ray had been developing, which targeted a younger audience. Thus, Ray decided to place Series 6 on hold while he produced The New Tomorrow.

Who are in the corner on the tribe?

Evening and all of the tribe minus Sammy, Lottie, Brady and Bray Jnr are up on deck celebrating. Ellie and Jack are in the corner; her head resting against Jack’s while they look out upon the night sky. Jay and Amber are slowly dancing, whilst Gel, Trudy, Ruby and May all chatter in the corner.

How did Lex find Ebony on the tribe?

Ebony: Save it Slade, Tell it to someone that cares. Lex was walking along the decking. Thinking about what may lie ahead for him, when suddenly he hears a sobbing sound coming from the back of the boat. He cautiously sets off t investigate, and finds Ebony crying in the corner.

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