Who was the radical priest?

Who was the radical priest?

Daniel Berrigan
Daniel Berrigan. The radical priest, who was instrumental in forming the Plowshares Movement, a group of pacifists often arrested for acts of civil disobedience, dies at 94.

What happened to the Berrigan brothers priests?

The Berrigan brothers—Daniel, a Jesuit priest, and Philip, of the Josephite order—led the antiwar and antidraft movements during the Vietnam War. Philip served in the U.S. Army in World War II, becoming a priest in 1955. Having lost their appeals, Philip reported to jail, in April 1970, but Daniel became a fugitive.

Why was Berrigan excommunicated?

The result was a conspiracy trial in 1972 that ended in acquittal on all major charges. Philip Berrigan was paroled in December 1972. He and Elizabeth McAlister legalized their marriage in 1973. They issued justifications on personal, scriptural and political grounds — and were excommunicated.

What did Philip Berrigan do?

Philip Francis Berrigan, SSJ (October 5, 1923 – December 6, 2002) was an American peace activist and Catholic priest with the Josephites. He engaged in nonviolent, civil disobedience in the cause of peace and nuclear disarmament and was often arrested.

Who were the Berrigan brothers?

Philip Berrigan
Jerry BerriganJim BerriganJohn Berrigan
Daniel Berrigan/Brothers
On September 9, 1980, Berrigan, his brother Philip, and six others (the “Plowshares Eight”) began the Plowshares movement. They trespassed onto the General Electric nuclear missile facility in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, where they damaged nuclear warhead nose cones and poured blood onto documents and files.

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Where is Berrigan buried?

Rev Daniel Joseph Berrigan

Birth 9 May 1921 Virginia, St. Louis County, Minnesota, USA
Death 30 Apr 2016 (aged 94) Bronx, Bronx County, New York, USA
Burial Jesuit Cemetery Auriesville, Montgomery County, New York, USA
Memorial ID 191220071 · View Source

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When did Philip Berrigan become a Catholic priest?

After studying at the theological school of the Society, St. Joseph’s Seminary in Washington, D.C., he was ordained a priest in 1955.

How many brothers and sisters did Philip Berrigan have?

He had five brothers, including the Jesuit fellow-activist and poet, Daniel Berrigan. His mother, Frieda (née Fromhart), was of German descent and deeply religious. His father, Tom Berrigan, was a second-generation Irish-Catholic, trade union member, socialist, and railway engineer.

When did Philip Berrigan join the Josephites?

In 1950, he joined the Society of St. Joseph of the Sacred Heart, better known as the Josephites, a religious society of priests and lay brothers dedicated to serving African-Americans (who were still dealing with the repercussions of slavery and daily segregation in the United States).

When did Philip Berrigan first go to prison?

Berrigan was first imprisoned in 1962/1963. During his many prison sentences, he would often hold Bible study class and offer legal educational support to other inmates.

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