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Who sent Henry Kelsey?

Who sent Henry Kelsey?

Meanwhile, in 1698 the Company sent Kelsey to Fort Albany on James Bay, the only post retained by the HBC during the 16 years of French control of the Hudson Bay fur trade.

How old is Henry Kelsey?

Henry Kelsey
Born Unknown date, c. 1664 East Greenwich, England
Died 1 November 1724 (aged 56–57) East Greenwich, England
Occupation Explorer, fur trader, sailor
Employer Hudson’s Bay Company

When was Henry Kelsey born?

Greenwich, United Kingdom
Henry Kelsey/Born

Who was the father of Henry Kelsey WikiTree?

The likeliest person to have been Henry’s father is John Kelsey of East Greenwich, mariner, who died in 1674 and who may have been “one Kelsy, a commander of a fire-ship,” mentioned by Pepys (Diary, ed. H. B. Wheatley (10v., London, 1898–99), VII, 180). John Kelsey left three sons of whom the first-named was Henry.

Where did Henry Kelsey live when he died?

Henry Kelsey died in his own house in Church Street, East Greenwich, and was buried on 2 Nov. 1724. He had married Elizabeth Dix of East Greenwich on 7 April 1698 soon after returning from his second spell as a prisoner of the French; she survived him and was the executrix of his will.

How many brothers and sisters did Henry Kelsey have?

Henry Kelseywas born in 1838, at birth place, Ohio, to Benjamin Franklin Kelseyand Marietta Kelsey (born Kimball). Benjaminwas born on July 30 1809, in Stowe, Washington County, Vermont. Henryhad 7 siblings: Heman Elias Kelsey, Mary Eunice Upham (born Kelsey)and 5 other siblings.

Why was Henry Kelsey important to Hudson Bay?

Kelsey’s reputation rests securely on his journey to the Canadian plains in 1690–92, but this achievement should not be allowed to eclipse his versatility or the solid contributions he made to establishing the HBC. In nearly 40 years of service Kelsey played a part in most of the major events in Hudson Bay.

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