Who owns Green Works cleaning products?

Who owns Green Works cleaning products?

The Clorox Company
OAKLAND, Calif., Jan. 14, 2008 – The Clorox Company today announced the introduction of Green Works™ cleaners, a breakthrough line of natural cleaning products that are as effective as conventional cleaners but made from plant-based ingredients.

Is Green Works owned by Clorox?

“Green Works is a breakthrough product for Clorox and for consumers who want to clean naturally but don’t want to compromise on performance,” said Don Knauss, chairman and CEO of The Clorox Company. Green Works is at least 99 percent natural and made from ingredients derived from coconuts and lemon oil.

Does Green Works still exist?

Derived from natural ingredients, Green Works offers environmentally friendly products that are still effective cleaning agents for professional facilities. Clean your world while keeping the world clean.

Is Green Works Bathroom Cleaner a disinfectant?

Green Works Bathroom Cleaner Spray combines powerful cleaning performance with 99% naturally derived and plant-based ingredients to remove tough stains throughout the bathroom….About this product.

Attribute name Attribute value
Degreaser Non-Degreasing
Disinfectant No
EPA Safer Choice certified Yes

What happened to Green Works toilet bowl cleaner?

The Works Toilet Bowl Cleaner formula has recently changed from a 20% active ingredient to a 9.5%. Unfortunatly; the 20% formula has been discontinued and is no longer available for purchase. The change was brought forth by a recent government regulation made by the EPA.

Where did tilex go?

Unfortunately, this cleaner has been discontinued by the manufacturer as of 12/1/2019. Check out our tile and grout cleaners area for other products we still carry.

Who started Clorox?

Archibald Taft
William HusseyRufus MyersEdward HughesCharles Husband
The Clorox Company/Founders

Can you use Green Works All Purpose Cleaner on glass?

This glass & surface spray cleaner is free of harsh chemical fumes and safe to use on multiple surfaces throughout your kitchen and bathroom, including glass, mirrors, appliances and stainless steel and sealed granite. And with its Smart Tube technology you are guaranteed to spray every drop.

What is green Clorox?

That’s the hope of Clorox, the Oakland-based company, which this week is launching its first new brand in twenty years: Green Works, a line of cleaning products that are, in the company’s words, “at least 99 percent natural” — made from coconuts and lemon oil, formulated to be biodegradable and non-allergenic.

Has the works Cleaner been discontinued?

Can you use the Works toilet cleaner in shower?

Toilet cleaner is often thought of as an easy substitute to clean surfaces such as showers and sinks. Although it may do the job to clean porcelain toilet bowls, it’s not made for large surface areas such as showers. Toilet bowl cleaner should not be used in the shower due to its toxic nature.

Are they still making tilex?

When did the Clorox Green Works line come out?

Launched in January of 2008, Clorox’s line of natural cleaning products, Green Works, currently holds more than a 40% share of the natural home cleaning market. Launched in January of 2008, Clorox’s line of natural cleaning products, Green Works, currently holds more than a 40% share of the natural home cleaning market.

Who is the parent company of GreenWorks?

Greenworks was founded in 2007 as a marketing arm of its parent company Global Tools Group that would focus on lithium battery-powered outdoor equipment ( source ). Since that time, the company has grown to a global reach with both consumer and professional products.

What kind of tools does GreenWorks make?

Greenworks is a North Carolina-based power and hand tool manufacturer, and they’ve been already on the favorite list of DIYers, handymen, and contractors. Over several years, they’ve built up an abundant product lineup, from which we’ve picked up the best ones for this Review.

Is the GreenWorks 80v chainsaw any good?

The 80V line packs hard-core performance but the cost-for-performance is higher. Each product line is perfectly fine for the right user but you really do want to consider the intended use and opportunities to expand your yard tools. If there is one mistake I made in purchasing my Greenworks chainsaw, it was in buying the 40v version.

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