Who is the main character of the story The Room on the Roof?

Who is the main character of the story The Room on the Roof?

The novel revolves around Rusty, an orphaned seventeen-year-old Anglo-Indian boy living in Dehradun. Due to his guardian, Mr Harrison’s strict ways, he runs away from his home to live with his Indian friends.

Who is rusty in room on the roof?

Room on the Roof is about an orphaned boy named Rusty who has no real family after his parents’ death. He is very lonely and sad and even though he lives with his guardian (Mr. John Harrison), he doesn’t feel at home. Rusty is going through several emotions: he is confused, obliged, helpless, lonely and sad.

What is the conclusion of the story The Room on the Roof?

Rusty chooses to follow his instinct and steps into the bazaar. He has made a good choice. Up until now, Rusty doesn’t have any hope or confidence but then he meets a kind boy named Somi and makes friends with him. Somi and his friends become Rusty’s hope and confidence, and Somi and Ranbir are really kind to Rusty.

How old is rusty in the story?

Rusty is a popular fictional character created by Ruskin Bond. Rusty is a sixteen-year-old Anglo-Indian boy living in Dehradun.

Who were Rusty’s friends?

Anil and Somi were Rusty’s closest friends. Anil was a little dangerous and wild, and subject to mood swings and impulses; however he had a certain animal charm.

What kind of a novel is the room on the roof?

The Room on the Roof/Genres

Which country does Ruskin Bond belong to?

He lives with his adopted family in Landour, Mussoorie….

Ruskin Bond
Born 19 May 1934 Kasauli, Punjab States Agency, British India
Occupation Author, poet
Nationality Indian
Alma mater Bishop Cotton School

Did Ruskin Bond get married?

Bond went on to adopt a family, one that looks after him “beautifully”, and he’s been with them for years now. “I ended up with a large family without getting married, as simple as that.”

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