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Who is the antagonist in the highwayman?

Who is the antagonist in the highwayman?

The main conflict in The Highwayman is that the highwayman is a robber that is trying to “kiss Bess in the moonlight.” The antagonists in The Highwayman are the Redcoats, the police-men people that tye Bess and hold a musket to her chest.

Who is the main character in the highwayman?

The main characters in this poem are the unnamed Highwayman and Bess, the landlord’s daughter. But there are other characters too.

Who was to blame for the tragedy in the poem the highwayman?

Tim the ostler is primarily responsible for the tragedy of the death of Bess and of the highwayman, informing “King George’s men” about when the highwayman will return. In part 2 of the poem, the “red coat troop” arrives. These soldiers are the ones directly responsible for the tragedy.

Is highwayman brave?

As the poem goes on, we learn that he really is a pretty brave guy (maybe a little too brave) and definitely as good as his word. In fact a highway robber without any courage probably wouldn’t last long.

Who are the redcoats in the highwayman?

Instead of the highwayman, a troop of British soldiers comes marching up to the door. The speaker gives us a few useful details about the soldiers. He calls them “red-coats” and “King George’s men.” This lets us know for sure that we are somewhere in England (or at least the UK).

Who is the real villain in the poem the the highwayman The redcoats or the highwayman?

Because Tim caused the death of both Bess and the highwayman, he is the villain of the poem. If the redcoats had not been informed, Bess would not have shot herself and the highwayman would not have been killed. For this reason, Tim was the true villain of “The Highwayman.”

What did the Redcoats do to Bess?

What did the Redcoats do to Bess? The red-coat soldiers also taunt Bess as they tie a musket under her breast. “ ‘Now, keep good watch! ‘ and they kissed her.” The soldiers probably plan to use Bess as bait: once the highwayman comes in to see her, they can force him to comply with them.

Who are the main characters in the highwayman?

King George: King George was a king who has his soldiers involved in the killing of the Highwayman. Tim the Ostler was the man that got the Redcoat’s involved as the Highwayman was a wanted man because he steals from people and kills them.

What is the summary of the Highwayman by Alfred Noyes?

4 Analysis of The Highwayman Summary of The Highwayman ‘The Highwayman’ by Alfred Noyes is a gothic narrative of tells of the story of the highwayman, the red coats who wanted to capture him, and his lover. The poem details the love affair going on between the highwayman and the landlord’s daughter Bess.

What was the love affair between the highwayman and Bess?

The poem details the love affair going on between the highwayman and the landlord’s daughter Bess. Their love is pure and strong. He rides into the inn in the middle of the night to tell her that he’s going robbing and will come back the next day no matter what. Unfortunately for both of them, in the meantime soldiers come and set a trap for him.

What happens at the end of the highwayman?

Bess is able to escape from where they tied her up and in an act of desperation, she kills herself as he rides up the road. The shot warns him that something is wrong and he runs. But, when he finds out what has happened he returns, is shot dead, and then reunited with Bess in the afterlife.

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