Who is Patroclus how does he play a significant role to develop the story of the Iliad?

Who is Patroclus how does he play a significant role to develop the story of the Iliad?

In The Iliad, Patroclus is a close friend and confidant of Achilles, who leads the Greeks in war against the Trojans. Achilles and Patroclus are so emotionally close that Patroclus acts as Achilles’s emotional support.

How does Ransom show leadership?

In the monarchical world of Ransom, the traditional leader is one that is the “living map” of one’s country – a “ceremonial figurehead” that is powerful and thus, shows no emotion. For Priam, such a role is indeed burdensome. Thus, his role as a leader has suppressed the “man” “inside”, a difficult burden to endure.

How does Priam become king?

Priam Becomes King of Troy Heracles promised Laomedon to free Troy from the attacks, if the king would promise to give him the swift horses of Troy in payment. Having had his life spared, Priam then found himself elevated to king status, for Heracles put the Trojan prince upon the throne, making him ruler of Troy.

What are the results of Priam’s meeting with Achilles Why?

The appearance of Hermes gives the impression that Priam is symbolically “crossing over” (symbolically, entering Hades) as he goes to meet Achilles, who also symbolically “crosses over” to meet Priam. As a result, both men discover new spiritual values by exploring the spiritual world.

What did Achilles decide to King Priam’s request?

Priam tearfully supplicates Achilles, begging for Hector’s body. He asks Achilles to think of his own father, Peleus, and the love between them. Achilles weeps for his father and for Patroclus. He accepts the ransom and agrees to give the corpse back.

What kind of character is Patroclus?

Patroclus Character Analysis. A former prince and Achilles’s lover, Patroclus is the novel’s narrator. He is fundamentally kind, which leads his father to dislike him. Patroclus’s mother was intellectually disabled, and his father believes that both Patroclus and his mother were weak.

Was Priam a good leader?

Priam is a courageous king and father. King Priam kisses the hand of his enemy and sobs because he so desperately wants his son’s body back. His willingness to put himself in harm’s way shows how courageous King Priam is despite his other weaknesses as a leader.

What type of leader is Priam in Ransom?

– In Ransom, Priam became more of a leader when he realizes that he needed to become a father rather than the king he is accustomed to then later made the decision to retrieve his sons body. In Invictus, Mandela became a leader when he was elected and led a country “through example of inspiration between characters”.

Why is King Priam a hero?

King Priam is the king of Troy and the father of Hector and Paris (in addition to 50 other children). He has many strengths, which include courage, a desire to protect his people, empathy, and love for his sons.

What did King Priam do in the Iliad?

He shows great courage when he ventures into enemy territory to ask Achilles for the return of Hector’s body and when he decides to keep the gates of Troy open when Achilles is chasing the Trojan troops. In deference to the gods, King Priam allows Paris to keep Helen (a married woman) even though it leads to the Trojan War.

Who was the son of Priam the king of Troy?

Another son who would play a large role in Priam’s fate was Paris, who was responsible for the start of the Trojan War. Priam is often shown as an elderly man, late into his reign. Many artistic representations of him show him begging Achilles’ for Hector’s body.

Why does Priam not want to sacrifice his son?

Priam knows that Troy’s destruction is imminent, and as a father, he does not want to sacrifice his son for a lost cause. Watching Achilles abuse Hektor’s body, Priam bemoans the loss of so many sons whom Achilles has cut down, but of all the sons whom he has lost, he mourns most for Hektor.

What makes Priam a good man in Greek mythology?

Priam is apparently a good man who follows social norms and who worships the gods as he should. However, his son Paris presents a problem when he asks his father to condone the violation of a social norm by kidnapping a married Greek woman and thus violating the concept of “hospitality is obligatory.”

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