Who are the voices of the guinea pigs in G-Force?

Who are the voices of the guinea pigs in G-Force?

The adorable “G-Force” guinea pigs are voiced by Tracy Morgan, Sam Rockwell and Steve Buscemi.

What does the G in G-Force movie stand for?

When talking with producer Jerry Bruckheimer about his new live-action/animated 3-D film, it’s best not to ask what the ”G” in the title stands for. ”Uh, I have no idea,” he says. Oh, come on, really? ”Guinea pig, I guess.

Who is gforce?

Ava Ro
Sarah DeCarvalhoMichela LuciSienna Pesino

What is g-force in a car?

A g-force is a measure of acceleration. 1G is the acceleration we feel due to the force of gravity. Since this is just a different scale for measuring acceleration, it not only applies to gravity, but can be used to quantify any acceleration.

What kind of guinea pig is Hurley?

Abyssinian guinea pig
Jon Favreau as Hurley (FBI Rookie), an Abyssinian guinea pig, and Darwin’s long lost brother.

What is the most g-force a human has survived?

There are isolated incidents of humans surviving abnormally high G-forces, most notably the Air Force officer John Stapp, who demonstrated a human can withstand 46.2 G’s. The experiment only went on a few seconds, but for an instant, his body had weighed over 7,700 pounds, according to NOVA.

Who are the voices of the guinea pigs in G Force?

Voice cast. Sam Rockwell as Darwin (FBI Special Agent), a crested guinea pig, the head of G-Force. Tracy Morgan as Blaster (FBI Special Agent), another guinea pig, the weapons expert of G-Force.

What kind of guinea pig is Darwin from G Force?

Darwin is the main protagonist of the film G-Force. He is voiced by Sam Rockwell . Darwin is a brown male guinea pig with white fur from the top of his forehead all the way down to his belly. He is mainly the top guinea pig of Juarez, Blaster, and Rookie, also known as Hurley. He is shown adorable, brave, and loyal.

Who are the animals in the G Force movie?

The film revolves around a special team of trained secret agent animals, equipped with advanced tools that allow the mammalian members to talk to humans. The primary field team consists of guinea pigs Darwin, Blaster, and Juarez, star-nosed mole Speckles (cyber intelligence), and housefly Mooch (Reconnaissance).

Who is the mastermind of the G Force?

G-Force (film) When Darwin reaches the mainframe, he finds out that Speckles, who actually faked his death and somehow obtained another pair of glasses after his original one was taken away earlier, is the mastermind of the plan and is also the mysterious Mr. Yanshu (the name Yanshu 鼴鼠 means mole in Chinese ).

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