Where can I find the best staff in Skyrim?

Where can I find the best staff in Skyrim?

Skyrim: The 15 Best Staves (& Where To Get Them)

  1. 1 Miraak’s Staff. Location: Apocrypha, final fight of the Dragonborn DLC’s main quest.
  2. 2 Skull Of Corruption. Location: Nightcaller Temple, the final chamber.
  3. 3 Sanguine Rose.
  4. 4 Wabbajack.
  5. 5 Staff Of Jyrik Gauldurson.
  6. 6 Eye Of Melka.
  7. 7 Staff Of Hag’s Wrath.
  8. 8 Staff Of Magnus.

Can you craft staffs in Skyrim?

The Staff Enchanter, found in Tel Mithryn, is used to create enchanted staves. It is initially located behind a locked door, requiring you to first complete the Reluctant Steward quest in order to gain access….Conjuration[edit]

Created Staff Spell Heart Stones
Staff of the Storm Atronach Conjure Storm Atronach 4

What is the most powerful staff in Skyrim?

The Staff of Magnus This staff should be at the top of the list, really. The Staff of Magnus is acquired by finishing the College of Winterhold questline. It’s supposed to be the most powerful staff in the world and yet it barely does damage to your enemies.

How do I get the staff of the familiar?


  1. One can be found in Fort Greymoor before the Battle for Whiterun.
  2. Two can be found in Fellglow Keep before doing the quest “Hitting the Books.”
  3. Lu’ah Al-Skaven in Ansilvund may carry one.
  4. Found as a world item or as random loot.
  5. Can be purchased from mages at the College of Winterhold.

Are staffs worth it in Skyrim?

They are particularly useful for young mages to help manage magicka. As your destruction skill increases your staves will use fewer charges per casting so you’ll get more use out of them before you have to recharge them.

How do I enchant a staff in Skyrim?

To enchant a staff, you must first buy an unenchanted staff from Neloth, and you will need one or more Heart Stones, which can be mined from locations found mostly on the southern half of Solstheim.

Can you upgrade staffs in Skyrim?

Staves have a set amount of uses before they are depleted. They can be refilled with soul gems. The effects of staves are further categorized in magic schools. Usage costs drop when the skill level in its associated school rises.

Can you upgrade a staff in Skyrim?

How do I upgrade my staff in Skyrim?

In order to enchant a staff, the enchanter requires an unenchanted staff, the knowledge of the spell itself, and one or more heart stones. Unenchanted staves can be bought from Neloth and heart stones can be mined from heart stone veins throughout Solstheim’s ashlands.

Can you disenchant staffs?

No, staves can be neither enchanted nor disenchanted.

Where do you get a staves in Skyrim?

Staves can be crafted at Neloth ‘s staff enchanter after completing the quest Reluctant Steward. All staves use an appropriate unenchanted staff as base objects and one or more heart stones. Additionally you must know the spell for the staff you want to craft. Unlike weapons and armor, however, staves cannot be renamed during the crafting process.

Where can you find halldir’s staff in Skyrim?

So when I found Halldir’s staff, I realized the folly of my foolish, foolish ways. Halldir’s staff can be located in Halldir’s Cairn down in Falkreath (be prepared for a boss fight). What’s interesting about the staff is that it can be very valuable for a sneaky character, not a mage.

What can you do with a staff in Skyrim?

The staff can summon a level-based dremora, which you can then torment to level up your skills. I.e., if your Dovahkiin’s an archer, you can shoot the dremora to gain archery skill points. You may also get a daedra heart by using the Wabbajack on the summoned dremora and then killing it.

Where to find the staff of Magnus in Skyrim?

After defending Winterhold in the “Containment” quest, you will need to talk to a female master wizard named Mirabelle Ervine inside the college. She will then tell you that you need to find the Staff of Magnus in order to stop Ancano from destroying the city.

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