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Where are the Andes Mountains located?

Where are the Andes Mountains located?

South America
Andes Mountains, also called the Andes, Spanish Cordillera de los Andes or Los Andes, mountain system of South America and one of the great natural features on Earth.

Are the Andes mountains on the east or west coast of South America?

Located along the entire western coast of South America, the Andes mountain range is about 4,500 miles (7,242 kilometers) long.

Where are the northern Andes located?

North of the Gulf of Guayaquil in Ecuador and Colombia, a series of accreted oceanic terranes (discrete allochthonous fragments) have developed that constitute the Baudo, or Coastal, Mountains and the Cordillera Occidental. They were accreted during Cretaceous and early Cenozoic times.

What countries do the Andes Mountains run through in South America?

The Andes Mountains extend over seven countries: Argentina (Mount Aconcagua), Bolivia (Huayna Potosi), Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, and Venezuela, known as Andean States.

What country has the Andes mountains on the east?


Andes Mountains
Native name Anti (Quechua)
Map of South America showing the Andes running along the entire western part (roughly parallel to the Pacific coast) of the continent
Countries Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Venezuela

Where are the Andes Mountains located in South America?

The Andes extend from north to south through seven South American countries: Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Chile and Argentina. Along their length, the Andes are split into several ranges, separated by intermediate depressions.

Which is the longest mountain range in South America?

The Andes, Andes Mountains or Andean Mountains (Spanish: Cordillera de los Andes) are the longest continental mountain range in the world, forming a continuous highland along the western edge of South America.

Where does the orientation of the Andes Mountains turn?

The Bolivian Orocline is a seaward concave bending in the coast of South America and the Andes Mountains at about 18° S. At this point, the orientation of the Andes turns from Northwest in Peru to South in Chile and Argentina.

What kind of climate does the Andes mountains have?

Renowned for its incredible biodiversity, the Andes Mountains comprise three different main climatic zones, known as the Tropical Andes (in the north), Dry Andes (in the centre) and Wet Andes, in the south.

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