When was my Crosman 760 made?

When was my Crosman 760 made?

Crosman Product Dates of Manufacture

Model Description Circa
Model 760 Powermaster Pneumatic, .177 cal., pellet/BB repeater. Second variant with styrene stock & forearm & scope mount groove. 1971-1974
Model 622 Pell-Clip Repeater CO2, one powerlet, .22 cal., pump action repeater 1971-1978

How old is my Crosman 1377?

The Crosman model 1377 (also known as the “American Classic”) is a single-shot, bolt-action, pneumatic . 177 caliber pellet gun, featuring a rifled steel barrel and imitation wood checkered plastic grips. The 1377 was introduced in 1977, and has been in continuous production ever since.

Where is the serial number on a BSA Airsporter?

Apologies if this is egg-sucking but the serial should be on the underside of the barrel visible when you release the cocking lever.

When did Coleman own Crosman?

1971: The Coleman Company buys Crosman. 1990: Crosman is acquired by Worldwide Sports and Recreation.

Where are BSA air rifles made?

The Birmingham Small Arms Factory, known as BSA are one of the top air rifle producers in the world and have been making guns since 1861.

What is the serial number on a Crosman airgun?

In order to be more accurate, you can use the serial number as an indicator. If your Crosman airgun was manufactured after July of 1975, the first three or four digits of the serial number indicate the month and year the gun was built.

When did The Crosman 0 trigger gun come out?

It appears the “0” serials are 1925 models, “A” are 1926. These are unflared trigger guns. “B” serials look to be 1927 and flared triggers start this year. “X” serials are 1928 and initially have sculpted ported breech and later transition to a rounded breech.

How can I tell what year my gun is?

If your gun was manufactured in or after the year 1992 then the first 3 or 4 digits of the serial number will allow you to determine when your gun was manufactured. If the first 3 or 4 digits of your serial number are 1294 or D94, then your gun was made in December of 1994.

When did the rubber forearm come out for Crosman?

The rubber forearm was introduced in May 1937, so approx 1932-1936 are wood forearms This is how it looks to me for a prewar 101 timeline. * The “S” serials cover so many years because Crosman production during the depression was severely curtailed. Below is a picture comparing round vs sculpted breech. Only 1925 to mid 1928 have sculpted breech.

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