When was Karl Blossfeldt died?

When was Karl Blossfeldt died?

December 9, 1932
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Karl Blossfeldt, (born June 13, 1865, Schielo, Germany—died December 9, 1932, Berlin), German photographer known best for his stark close-up portraits of plants, twigs, seeds, leaves, and other flora.

What type of art did Karl Blossfeldt create?

New Objectivity
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Where is Karl Blossfeldt from?

Schielo, Germany
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When was photography invented?

Centuries of advances in chemistry and optics, including the invention of the camera obscura, set the stage for the world’s first photograph. In 1826, French scientist Joseph Nicéphore Niépce, took that photograph, titled View from the Window at Le Gras, at his family’s country home.

What flowers did Karl Blossfeldt use?

Karl Blossfeldt, Papaver orientale, oriental poppy, flower bud (courtesy D.A.P.)

Was there color photography in the 1960s?

In the 1960s, color film cost significantly more than black-and-white film. Not only was the color film more expensive, but printing color images was, too. A lack of time also restricted photographers from shooting with color film.

When was Karl Blossfeldt working?

German, 1865–1932 Karl Blossfeldt is best known for his precise photographs of plants; however, he began his career as a sculptor, completing apprenticeships at the ironworks and foundry in Mägdesprung and the Kunstgewerbeschule (Institute of the royal arts museum) in Berlin from 1884 to 1890.

Who was Karl Blossfeldt and what did he do?

Karl Blossfeldt in 1895. Karl Blossfeldt (June 13, 1865 – December 9, 1932) was a German photographer, sculptor, teacher, and artist who worked in Berlin, Germany.

How old was Karl Blossfeldt when he published Urformen der Kunst?

Published in 1928 when Blossfeldt was 63 and a professor of applied art at the Vereinigte Staatsschulen für freie und angewandte Kunst, Urformen der Kunst quickly became an international bestseller and in turn, made Blossfeldt famous almost overnight. The abstract shapes and structures in nature that he revealed impressed his contemporaries.

Where did Gerd Blossfeldt spend most of his childhood?

Blossfeldt spent most of his childhood in Central Germany. He began studying at the Institute of Royal Arts in Berlin after finishing his apprenticeship in iron casting and sculpture at Art Ironworks and Foundry at Magdesprung. During this time, he collected different plants for use in drawing class as models.

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