What type of verb is grate?

What type of verb is grate?

Other definitions for grate (2 of 2) verb (used without object), grat·ed, grat·ing. to have an irritating or unpleasant effect: His constant chatter grates on my nerves. to make a sound of, or as if of, rough scraping; rasp. to sound harshly; jar: to grate on the ear.

What is the adjective form of grate?

grating. (typically of a voice) Harsh and unpleasant. Abrasive; tending to annoy.

Is grating a verb or adjective?

GRATING (adjective) definition and synonyms | Macmillan Dictionary.

What’s mean by grated?

1 : to reduce to small particles by rubbing on something rough grate cheese. 2 : fret, irritate. 3a : to gnash or grind noisily. b : to cause to make a rasping sound. c : to utter in a harsh voice.

What does Reconstite mean?

to constitute again
transitive verb. : to constitute again or anew especially : to restore to a former condition by adding water.

What is the use of grating?

A grating is used in spectrometers, monochromators, spectrographs, and in many other scientific optical instruments. Spectrometers serve to measure or display a spectrum. Monochromators select and transmit a single wavelength or a narrow band of wavelengths from the spectrum.

What grate means?

Is grate a Homograph?

The words grate and great are homophones: they sound the same but have different meanings.

Which is correct grate or great?

As a noun, grate means a fireplace or a framework of crossed bars. As a verb, grate means to grind, scrape, or irritate. The adjective great means much more than average or ordinary in size, extent, volume, value, or importance.

What is a reconstitution study?

Reconstitution studies using cell-free extracts or purified proteins provide a complementary approach to live-cell studies; taken together, these two approaches can lead to an understanding of biological processes that advances both basic and applied sciences.

What does grates mean in Latin?

From Middle English grate, from a Medieval Latin grāta, from a Latin word for a hurdle; or Italian grata, from Latin cratis. Noun . grate (plural grates) a horizontal metal grill through which water, ash, or small objects can fall, while larger objects cannot

What does grate mean in Latin?

-grat-, root. -grat- comes from Latin, where it has the meaning “pleasing; thankful; favorable.” This meaning is found in such words as: congratulate, grateful, gratify, gratis, gratitude, gratuitous, gratuity, ingrate, ingratiate, ingratitude.

What is the plural of grate?

grate (plural grates) a horizontal metal grill through which water, ash, or small objects can fall, while larger objects cannot The grate stopped the sheep from escaping from their field.

What is the noun for grate?

grate great . /ɡreɪt/. /ɡreɪt/. grate verb. Grate the apples and carrots and add to the mixture. grate noun. A small fire was burning in the grate. great adjective. She is a young player with great potential.

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