What role does Peter play in Enders game?

What role does Peter play in Enders game?

Peter is the mastermind behind the actions that he and Valentine take in world political affairs, and he is motivated by his thirst for power. His lack of compassion makes Peter a man devoid of humanity.

Is Peter Evil Ender’s Game?

At the beginning of the novel Ender is considered the “good” sibling because he is much kinder and more peaceful than Peter is and he is not able to defend himself. Peter is considered “evil” because he takes out his anger on people weaker than he, such as Ender.

What’s the difference between Peter and Ender?

“Ender is like a combination of the two: ruthless enough to earn total victory, but compassionate enough to hate the methods needed to gain it. He is also different from Peter in that he does not always feel the need to win. He only fights when forced to, and takes little pleasure in his victories.

What happened to Peter in Ender’s Game?

Ender wrote the biography of his brother, The Hegemon, but said he could only publish it after he had died, as otherwise he would not be Speaking for the Dead. Peter died in 42 AX at age 57 after his heart gave out in his sleep.

How does Peter know Ender wrote the book What is Peter’s request?

What is Peter’s request? Valentine finishes her 8th volume and includes Ender’s book at the end. When Peter reads the book, he knows Ender wrote the little book and asks Ender to speak for him after his death. When Peter dies, Ender writes Hegemon and explains “his [Peter’s] crimes and kindnesses.”

What did Peter do to Ender in Ender’s game?

One night, after physically abusing Ender, Peter came into his room and told Ender he loved him, though it was in private when Peter thought his brother was asleep. Two years after Ender had left to Battle School, when the Wiggins moved to Greensboro, North Carolina, Peter took to torturing and killing animals in the nearby forest.

Who is the older brother in Ender’s game?

Valentine and Ender’s older brother, Peter is completely lacking in the compassion that the other two have and has only ruthlessness in its place. He is a sadistic brother and it is unclear at many points whether or not he is considering killing Ender and Valentine.

How does Valentine feel about Peter Wiggin in Ender’s game?

Valentine, however, continues to love Ender more than anyone or anything. She notes that Peter has seemingly become calmer and more mature—but Valentine has also seen evidence that Peter is… (full context) One day, Valentine is walking through the woods near her house when Peter approaches her.

How many books are in the Ender’s game series?

Card expanded the premise into a series that includes 15 novels and 13 related short stories. Along with becoming a best-seller and winning the top award for science fiction (the Nebula Award, in 1985), the book was adapted into a blockbuster film in 2013.

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