What phrase describes homeostasis?

What phrase describes homeostasis?

Homeostasis is the ability to maintain a relatively stable internal state that persists despite changes in the world outside.

Which of the following best describe homeostasis?

Answer: Homeostasis is the steady state or the relative equilibrium maintained between elements or processes as a result of other physiological processes.

Which of the following is the best description of homeostasis quizlet?

What is the best definition for “homeostasis?” The ability of living systems to maintain a relatively constant internal environment.

Which phrase defines the term homeostasis Brainly?

Answer: maintenance of a stable environment inside the cell.

Which statement below best defines homeostasis?

Which statement below best defines homeostasis? Homeostasis is the process whereby the body maintains the internal environment in a state compatible for life. Effectors bring about a final response in a negative feedback loop. rely much less on electron-sharing.

Which of the following is an example of homeostasis quizlet?

Regulation of body temperature, blood pressure, pH, and glucose concentration are four examples of how the body maintains homeostasis.

Which of the following is a definition for homeostasis quizlet?

Homeostasis. The tendency of an organism to maintain a relatively STABLE INTERNAL ENVIRONMENT.

Which of the following describes the homeostasis function of the liver?

The liver helps maintain homeostasis by regulating glucose storage, producing bile for the small intestine, and detoxifying the body.

Which organ systems are the most important for maintaining homeostasis?

Though organs throughout the body play roles in maintaining homeostasis, the endocrine system and the nervous system are both especially important in sustaining and regulating it.

Which statement below best defines homeostasis quizlet?

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