What is the usefulness of chlorine?

What is the usefulness of chlorine?

Chlorine kills bacteria – it is a disinfectant. It is used to treat drinking water and swimming pool water. It is also used to make hundreds of consumer products from paper to paints, and from textiles to insecticides. About 20% of chlorine produced is used to make PVC.

What is the main advantage of using chlorine for disinfection and what is the major concern?

A leading advantage of chlorination is that it has proven effective against bacteria and viruses; however, it cannot inactivate all microbes. Some protozoan cysts are resistant to the effects of chlorine.

Why is chlorine used to treat water?

Chlorination is the process of adding chlorine to drinking water to kill parasites, bacteria, and viruses. Using or drinking water with small amounts of chlorine does not cause harmful health effects and provides protection against waterborne disease outbreaks.

What are the ten uses of chlorine?

Chlorine chemistry helps keep families healthy and improves our environment:

  • Water. Chlorine chemistry helps keep drinking water and swimming pools safe.
  • Household Disinfectant.
  • Food.
  • Healthcare.
  • Energy and Environment.
  • Advanced Technology.
  • Building and Construction.
  • Defense and Law Enforcement.

How effective is chlorine as a disinfectant?

Chlorine is one of the most widely used disinfectants. It is very applicable and very effective for the deactivation of pathogenic microorganisms….Disinfection time of fecal pollutants with chlorinated water.

E. coli 0157 H7 bacterium < 1 minute
Hepatitis A virus about 16 minutes
Giardia parasite about 45 minutes

How do you chlorinate water at home?

Add one heaping teaspoon (approximately ¼ ounce) of high-test granular calcium hypochlorite (HTH) to two gallons of water and stir until the particles have dissolved. The mixture will produce a chlorine solution of approximately 500 milligrams per liter.

What are the practical uses of chlorine?

Uses of Chlorine. Chlorine is used (generally a particular compound of chlorine) to kill bacteria in drinking water and swimming pools. It is also used in disinfectants and bleach for the same reason.

What are best sources of chlorine?

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  • Seaweed.
  • What are the industrial uses for chlorine?

    Chlorine has a variety of uses. It is used to disinfect water and is part of the sanitation process for sewage and industrial waste. During the production of paper and cloth, chlorine is used as a bleaching agent . It is also used in cleaning products, including household bleach which is chlorine dissolved in water.

    What are the characteristics and uses for chlorine?

    Chlorine Element Facts Discovery of Chlorine. Chlorine was first produced in 1774 by Carl Wilhelm Scheele in Sweden. Interesting Facts about Chlorine. The first chain reaction discovered was not a nuclear reaction; it was a chemical chain reaction. Uses of Chlorine. Chlorine is used for producing safe drinking water. Abundance and Isotopes.

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