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What is the treatment for high alkaline phosphatase?

What is the treatment for high alkaline phosphatase?

A reduction in serum ALP was also seen in the euparathyroid subjects (2.4 +/- 0.77 to 2.2 +/- 0.64 mu kat/l, p = 0.03). This study indicates that treatment with active vitamin D is effective in reducing the increased bone turnover seen in subjects with both primary and secondary HPT.

Does high alkaline phosphatase mean cancer?

When prostate cancer or another cancer moves to the bones, bone, and tissue in the cancerous areas break down and release increased levels of alkaline phosphatase into the bloodstream. An elevated level of alkaline phosphatase does not necessarily mean that your cancer has spread to your bones.

How can I lower my ALP?

Some good options include milk thistle, NAC, taurine, B vitamins, and vitamin C. Additionally, get enough sun, exercise, omega-3 fatty acids, and coffee. Reduce alcohol and stop smoking — they both lower alkaline phosphatase levels and support good health.

How can I lower my alkaline phosphatase?

What causes high ALP levels in the body?

Children and teens may have high levels of ALP because their bones are growing. Certain drugs, such as birth control pills, may lower ALP levels, while other medicines can cause the levels to increase. American Liver Foundation. [Internet].

What does an elevated alkaline phosphatase level mean?

The two “isoenzymes” are bone ALP and liver ALP. The presence of an elevated level alkaline phosphatase is significant in post weight loss surgical patients because of its relationship to calcium and vitamin D absorption.

Where is ALP found in the human body?

ALP is an enzyme found throughout the body, but it is mostly found in the liver, bones, kidneys, and digestive system. When the liver is damaged, ALP may leak into the bloodstream. High levels of ALP can indicate liver disease or bone disorders. What is it used for? An alkaline phosphatase test is used to detect diseases of the liver or bones.

What should the ALP level be in an adult?

The ALP level in healthy adults should be 20–140 units per liter (U/L). Children tend to have significantly higher levels of ALP than adults because their bones are still growing.

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