What is the procedure of periscope?

What is the procedure of periscope?

A periscope works on the Laws of Reflection which states that the light from the object falls on one mirror at a 45o angle from the object and is reflected. This reflected light then falls on another mirror and is again reflected until it reaches the human eye.

How do you do activity on periscope?

Stand one carton up on a table, with the hole facing you. Place the other carton upside-down, with the mirror on the top and the hole facing away from you. Now you have a periscope! If you look through the bottom hole, you can see over fences that are taller than you.

On what principle does a periscope work?

Laws of Reflection
A periscope is based on the Laws of Reflection, which says that the light from the object falls on a mirror at an angle of 45 degrees from the surface and is mirrored. The mirrored light then falls on another mirror and is mirrored again until it enters the human eye.

How do you write on periscope?

Place a curved elbow joint pipe over each end of the pipe to make a periscope shape. Have the two openings point in opposite directions if you want to look around corners or over obstacles. Find two mirrors that fit the pipe. These mirrors must be small enough to insert each one into one end of the pipe.

Which type of mirror is used in Periscope?

plane mirror
The mirror used in periscope is a plane mirror.

Which among them Cannot be obtained on a screen?

Answer: (a) An image that cannot be obtained on a screen is called virtual image. (b) Image formed by a convex mirror is always virtual and smaller in size.

Why is Kaleidoscope used for?

Kaleidoscope is an optical toy consisting of two mirrors at a particular angle. Some common uses of the kaleidoscope are: Kaleidoscope produces beautiful patterns that are used by fashion designers. A kaleidoscope is used as a toy for entertainment.

Why do periscope use plane mirrors?

It’s important that your mirrors are placed at a 45° angle, because light always reflects away from a mirror at the same angle that it hits it. In a periscope, light from an object strikes the top mirror at 45° and bounces off at the same angle. This mirror, also at a 45° angle, reflects light directly to your eye.

What is periscope, and how do I use it?

Periscope is an app that lets you share and experience live video streams direct from your smartphone or tablet. It can be used to capture the atmosphere among fans at an important match, to broadcast an unfolding news story or to experience what it’s like to walk down the streets of New York or Dubai.

How do you get periscope on your computer?

In order to watch Periscope streams on your PC, follow these steps below: Step 1. Open your browser. Step 2. Go to www.pscp.tv and it will open Periscope web app. Step 3. Now you can watch Periscope Streams on your PC.

What are some pros and cons of periscope?

Periscope Data pulls data from multiple sources,twice a day.

  • Periscope helps us create reports each week,or each month.
  • We can easily sign in with Google Sign-on.
  • We have many different Dashboards,which helps each of our departments keep track of what they need to keep track of.
  • It’s very customizable depending on what data you need to track.
  • What are some alternatives to periscope?

    Facebook Live. Facebook Live is first periscope alternative you can consider in 2021.

  • Instagram Live. Instagram launched the Live Stories feature in late 2016.
  • YouTube Live. YouTube Live assists users to live stream their video content to millions of viewers without making more efforts.
  • Twitch.
  • MeetMe.
  • YouNow.
  • FaceCast.
  • Tango.
  • Livestream.
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