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What is the name for AlBr3?

What is the name for AlBr3?

ALUMINUM BROMIDE Aluminium bromide
Aluminum bromide

PubChem CID 24409
Chemical Safety Laboratory Chemical Safety Summary (LCSS) Datasheet
Molecular Formula AlBr3
Synonyms ALUMINUM BROMIDE Aluminium bromide 7727-15-3 tribromoalumane Aluminum bromide (AlBr3) More…
Molecular Weight 266.69

What is the charge of CsBr?

From Wikipedia This is a bromine atom with an ionic charge of −1 (Br−); for example, in caesium bromide, caesium cations (Cs+) are electrically attracted to bromide anions (Br−) to form the electrically neutral ionic compound CsBr.

How do you calculate molar mass of AlBr3?

266.69 g/mol
Aluminium bromide/Molar mass

What is aluminum’s formula?

Formula and structure: The aluminium chemical formula is Al. The molar mass is 26.98g/mol. Metallic aluminium is found in its elemental form (elemental form is the most basic form, te one that is reflects on the periodic table) Al.

What is the formula for cesium and sulfur?

Cesium Sulfide Properties (Theoretical)

Compound Formula Cs2S
Molecular Weight 297.87
Appearance White to yellow crystalline solid
Melting Point 510°C (dec)
Boiling Point N/A

What is the electronegativity of cesium bromide?

Cesium’s EN is 0.79 , and bromine’s EN is 2.96 .

What is the formula for cesium and fluoride?

Caesium fluoride/Formula

What is the molar mass of cacl2?

110.98 g/mol
Calcium chloride/Molar mass
The molar mass of a compound is just the molar masses of every element in the compound added up. Since the molar mass of Calcium is 40.08 g and the molar mass of Chlorine is 35.45, it would be 40.08g+35.45g+35.45g (with 2 Chlorines according to the subscript.) That leaves you with 110.98 g.

What is the molar mass of fe2o3?

159.69 g/mol
Iron(III) oxide/Molar mass

What is the chemical formula for caesium bromide?

Caesium bromide or cesium bromide is an ionic compound of caesium and bromine with the chemical formula CsBr.

How is cesium bromide used in water treatment?

Cesium Bromide is a moderately water soluble crystalline Cesium source that decomposes to Cesium oxide on heating. Most metal bromide compounds are water soluble for uses in water treatment, chemical analysis and in ultra high purity for certain crystal growth applications.

What is the use of caesium bromide in optics?

Caesium bromide is sometimes used in optics as a beamsplitter component in wide-band spectrophotometers . ^ Vallin, J.; Beckman, O.; Salama, K. (1964).

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