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What is the deeper meaning of Mean Girls?

What is the deeper meaning of Mean Girls?

Mean Girls has deeper meaning besides a comedy about high school girls. This movie enforces, and even over emphasises the teen stereotypes. Mean Girls also illustrates the false glorification of popularity. Once Cady gains her popularity, she realizes how alone she really is.

What are some themes in Mean Girls?


  • Society and Class.
  • Identity.
  • Power.
  • Women and Femininity.

Is Mean Girls a narrative film?

The film uses a singular narrative and it is also a closed narrative. The narrative does end and there is some kind of resolution. All the loose ends of the story are tied up and the audience is satisfied with the ending. The example of this is when Cady apologises and everyone accepts her apology.

How is Regina George manipulative?

She manipulates the people around her into giving her exactly what she wants – whether she’s persuading her parents to give her a bigger bedroom or breaking up other couples with a well-placed phone call.

Why did Regina George get fat?

Use for Sabotage Throughout the later part of the film, Regina can be seen eating the bars whenever she gets the chance, eventually gaining so much weight that she could not even fit into her Spring Fling dress anymore.

Is Regina George intelligent?

1 Regina George The most intelligent character in Mean Girls is none other than Regina George (Rachel McAdams), the head of the Plastics, and the character who inspires Cady’s downfall. Regina is totally an evil mastermind, and only someone who is smart could influence others so much and make them do what she wants.

What Mean Girls taught us?

Don’t let those people into your life. If there’s one positive thing to take away from Regina George, it’s that she let no one, no student, no teacher, and definitely no guy, tell her who she was and who she ought to be. And she would never, ever, dull her shine to make someone else more comfortable.

Is there a lesson in Mean Girls?

Trash-talking someone else won’t make you any better. Taking out your own problems on someone else won’t change you for the better. If you want to be a better person, put your energy where it counts and make a difference. Putting down other people just for fun doesn’t do much but take all that energy away.

Is Karen prettier than Regina?

She is the third member of the clique known as “The Plastics”, a group of girls who dominate with their beauty and general aura of intimidation. Karen is the most beautiful in the group even more beautiful than Regina, Gretchen, and Cady.

What is Karen’s last name in Mean Girls?

Karen Smith
Karen Smith is one of the main characters in Mean Girls. She is portrayed by Amanda Seyfried. Karen is a member of the Plastics, a student at North Shore High School and the roommate of John Bennett.

Do Kalteen bars really exist?

Kälteen Bars are a Swedish-made nutrition bars designed for weight-gain. The wrapper says on it, “Gå upp i vikt,” which means “to bulk up / gain weight” in Swedish. According to Cady Heron, they have an ingredient that is currently illegal in America.

Who is the director of the movie Mean Girls?

Film scene details, Mise-en-scene, Cinematography, Editing and Sound. For the Film scene details, the Film name is Mean Girls. The director is Mark Waters, the year of release is 2004 and the scene detail is the four way call. For the Mise-en-scene, I used CLAMPS again.

What kind of lighting was used in Mean Girls?

The lighting was set to a kind of medium light. We were given the impression that it was evening/night time and the lighting the girls were using were lamps etc. The actors were all teen females, so we get the impression that teenage girls are the target audience for the film.

What kind of music is in Mean Girls?

The soundtrack for Mean Girls is mostly rock and pop, and it includes several covers (including a modern cover of a Blondie song). The use of covers targets older audiences who are familiar with the original songs, whilst also appealing to younger audiences due to the genre of the new music artists.

What kind of makeup was used in Mean Girls?

The only makeup that was used was makeup that was suggested that would be on a teenage girl, so mascara, lipstick, etc. This helps to make the girls look more appealing and camera ready. The props were mainly teddies, food, phones, mirrors etc. This was to suggest where they were, which ties in with Setting.

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