What is the conflict of Bridge To Terabithia Chapter 2?

What is the conflict of Bridge To Terabithia Chapter 2?

In Chapter Two of Bridge to Terabithia, Jesse is feeling overworked and underappreciated at home. He feels invisible and thinks about the place where he feels most included – at school with Miss Edmunds. In this chapter, Jesse is also introduced to his new neighbor, Leslie Burke, but doesn’t pay much attention to her.

What is ironic about Janice’s problem in Bridge To Terabithia?

What is ironic about Janice’s problem? She is more concerned about gossip being spread about her, than the fact that her father beats her. She is upset that her father hits her, but then she turned around and hit Leslie in the bathroom.

What are the main events in Bridge To Terabithia?

Leslie drowns trying to cross the flooded creek to Terabithia. Jess and the Aarons go to pay their respects to Leslie’s family. Leslie’s family moves out of the Perkins farm and returns to Washington. Jess builds a bridge to Terabithia, and introduces his younger sister, May Belle, to it.

What happened Terabithia?

One day, Jesse impulsively goes to an art museum with his favorite teacher and secret crush, Miss Edmunds, without telling Leslie about his plans. He returns home to find out that Leslie died while trying to swing her way in to Terabithia alone — the rope snapped, leaving her to drown in the stream below.

What is the main conflict to bridge to Terabithia?

Analysis of characters and conflict- bridge to terabithia. The major conflicts in Bridge to Terabithia is man vs. man, vs. society, and supernatural. Man vs. Man- Jess Aarons is insecure of identity, feels alone and left out by his family. Doesn’t have much friends, and has only five sisters.

What is Jesse Aarons like in bridge to Terabithia?

Jesse Oliver Aarons, Jr.-or Jess, as he prefers to be called-is the 10-year-old protagonist of Bridge to Terabithia. Athletic and artistic, sensitive yet determined to be tough and competitive, Jess is a skilled painter and runner who is constantly trying to prove his masculinity to his judgmental father and teasing sisters ( May Belle , Brenda , Ellie , and Joyce Ann ).

What is the point of view of the bridge to Terabithia?

Bridge to Terabithia. Point of View: The point of view it is told in is from a narrator. The type of point of view is third person omniscient.

Who are the main characters in bridge to Terabithia?

the main characters in bridge to Terabithia are Jess Aarons and Leslie Burke.

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