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What is the blue Dalek?

What is the blue Dalek?

Blue Daleks were Daleks bred to be non-commissioned officers. Slightly smarter than the grey Warrior Daleks but without the higher-ranking Red Daleks, Black Daleks and Gold Daleks’ levels of autonomy, they served as the equivalent of sergeants and corporals.

What rank was the red Dalek?

Command structure Dalek Supreme Controller was the designation of Black Daleks during the 22nd century Dalek invasion, later Red Daleks, second to the Supreme.

What are the new Daleks called?

The New Dalek Paradigm was an empire of purebred Daleks created by a Progenitor device, which made use of pure Dalek DNA.

What Colour is Dalek Sec?

Dalek Sec was the leader of the cult and of the Dalek attack during the Battle of Canary Wharf against the Cybermen. His original casing was completely black instead of the golden colour traditional Daleks had….

Dalek Sec
Species Dalek Supreme (later Human Dalek)
Affiliation Cult of Skaro
Home Skaro / Earth (as Diagoras)

Why are the Daleks different Colours?

Each of the five New Paradigm variants has a casing of a different colour, representing their role in Dalek society: red, Drone; blue, Strategist; orange, Scientist; yellow, Eternal and white, Supreme. The hemispheres are coloured grey with the exception of the Eternal Dalek, where they are black.

What is a Dalek eternal?

The Eternal Dalek was a unique, specialised Dalek with yellow livery, a foundational member of the New Dalek Paradigm. Created by the Progenitor in 1941, it was the only one of the five original Progenitor Daleks to have black, not grey, sense globes on its base unit.

How did Davros make the Daleks?

Davros was using frozen bodies to create a new, loyal race of Daleks. Davros was destroyed and thought to be dead but he reappeared in his traditional black Dalek styled chair, at the end of the episode a group of renegade Daleks took Davros away to face trial.

Is there a Bad Wolf Bay?

This is a beach in the Norway of the parallel Earth called “Dårlig Ulv Stranden”, which she translates from Norwegian as “Bad Wolf Bay”.

What happened to the Coloured Daleks?

The new Supreme calls the bronze Daleks inferior, not because of their design, but because they are not made from pure Dalek DNA, and this is why they are exterminated. This would then explain why it is bronze Daleks we have been seeing ever since, and the colourful shells of the New Paradigm have vanished forever.

How did Davros survive the reality bomb?

The only time they showed respect for him was when Davros neared death; Davros was kept alive by a machine that siphoned life energy off the Daleks. This let them trick the Doctor into donating regenerative energy, which renewed Davros and the Daleks.

What are the colours of the Daleks in doctor who?

Following their brief appearance in silver and black colours, the Daleks returned to their grey/black style for the 4th Doctor’s Genesis of the Daleks. In their next story. Destiny of the Daleks, one Dalek from the previous story functioned as the leader in dark grey and black and the rest of the Daleks were light grey and black.

What are the colors of the New Paradigm Daleks?

The New Paradigm Daleks were colour-coded according to their rank and position: the Supreme Dalek was white, the Eternal Dalek was yellow, Strategist Daleks were blue, Scientist Daleks were orange and Drone Daleks red.

What kind of Daleks are in destiny of the Daleks?

Destiny of the Daleks, one Dalek from the previous story functioned as the leader in dark grey and black and the rest of the Daleks were light grey and black. In the 5th Doctor’s only Dalek adventure, the Daleks continued the grey/black theme, although with a slightly blue hue.

Why are there red lights on the new Daleks?

According to Chris Chibnall, the new Daleks have glowing red lights that activate at night. It’s unclear why this is the case, but it’s possible the removal of the recording screens means these new Daleks don’t possess quite such sophisticated monitoring systems as their predecessors and thus need infrared light.

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