What is postal code in Tondo Manila?

What is postal code in Tondo Manila?

Manila Postal Code

Location ZIP Code Phone Area Code
Sta. Cruz South 1003 2
Sta. Mesa 1016 2
Tondo North 1013 2
Tondo South 1012 2

Is Tondo 2 North or South?

In the 1987 constitution, Tondo split into two congressional districts of Manila making the first district to the west while the second district in the east. Paco also split by fifth and sixth congressional districts which the fifth in the south and sixth in the north.

Where is zip code 1013?


ZIP Code 1013
ZIP Code Name Tondo (North)
Region National Capital Region
Timezone (PST)

What is the postal code of Tondo District 1?

Tondo Postcode (Philippines) Tondo Postcode: 1012, 1013 (Number of Postcodes: 2 items).

What Barangay number is Tondo Manila?

Barangay 148
Barangay 148 is a barangay in the city of Manila, under the administrative district of Tondo. Its population as determined by the 2020 Census was 2,333.

What is Tondo known for?

Tondo is known for being one of the poorest and most underdeveloped areas of the country. Many of the city’s slums are found in this area. It is the birthplace of former president Joseph Estrada, and it is also the location of the notorious but now closed landfill, The Infamous Smokey Mountain.

Is tayuman Tondo south or north?

Tayuman Street is a four-lane east-west street in northern Manila, Philippines. It stretches 1.6 kilometers (0.99 mi) from the former San Lazaro Hippodrome in Santa Cruz to Barrio Pritil in Tondo district.

What barangay is Gagalangin Tondo?

Barangay 166
Gagalangin, Tondo – Barangay 166 Zone 15.

Where is Tondo district in the Philippines located?

Place in National Capital Region, Philippines. Tondo is a district located in Manila, Philippines.

How many people live in Tondo, Manila, Philippines?

Urbanization as well as the Lina Law which favors squatters over land owners has resulted in Tondo being one of the most densely populated areas in the world at 69,000 inhabitants per square kilometer (180,000/sq mi). Tondo has developed a reputation for criminality and poverty.

What are the ZIP Codes of Manila Philippines?

Zip codes: 1012 (Tondo South) 1013 (Tondo North) Area codes: 2: Tondo is a district located in Manila, Philippines. It is the largest in terms of area and population of Manila’s sixteen districts, with a Census-estimated 631,313 people in 2015 and consists of two congressional districts.

Where did the name Tondo come from in the Philippines?

The name Tondo derives from Tundun, the Old Tagalog name of the city in the Laguna Copperplate Inscription of 900AD (see below), the earliest native document found within the Philippines.

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