What is little girl called in Spanish?

What is little girl called in Spanish?

little girl

Principal Translations
Inglés Español
little girl n (young female child) pequeña nf Exemplos: la mesa, una tabla.
nena nf Exemplos: la mesa, una tabla.
niñita nf Exemplos: la mesa, una tabla.

What Venga means?

Venga means ‘come on’ and ‘goodbye’. Some examples: “¡Venga! que nos cierran las tiendas” (Come on!

What is the Mexican word for little girl?

niño; chica; pequeñita; niño pequeño; chiquilla; pequeñito; niña; bebé; chiquillo; chico; niñita; chavala; nena; moza; párvula; tipeja; tía; soltera; criada; doncella; criatura; sirvienta; tontaina; pequeñuela; nenita.

What form is Vengas?


Present I come, am coming vengas
Present Perfect I have come, came hayas venido
Imperfect I came, was coming vinieras OR vinieses
Past Perfect – Pluperfect I had come hubieras venido OR hubieses venido

What does Amos mean in Spanish?

It means “I love”

What do you call a little girl in Spanish?

Spanish Translation. niñita. More Spanish words for little girl. chiquilla. little girl. chiquita adjective. little girl, petite.

What do you call someone’s daughter in Spanish?

In Spanish, people use princesa either as a nickname or as a way to refer to their or someone else’s daughters. ‘Princesa’ is the direct translation of ‘princess’ and it can be used with both young and older daughters (if they’re not too embarrassed by it).

What do you call a little girl in Dominican Republic?

1. bicha: In the Dominican Republic is a term of endearment for little girl. 2. botija: Uruguay. The same word can be used also for boy, young boy or son. 4. chama: Used in Venezuela and Nicaragua for young girl.

What do you call a girl in Latin America?

In Latin American countries, mami is a very common nickname for young daughters. If you’ve ever watched Modern Family, this is exactly the same as Gloria Pritchett calling Manny ‘papi’. When using mami as a nickname for your daughter you need to keep in mind that this word is more commonly used with girls that haven’t reached puberty.

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