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What is an example of a regiment?

What is an example of a regiment?

The definition of a regiment is a large number of people, particularly referring to a military unit made of two or more battalions. An example of a regiment is a huge group of protesters.

What is a good sentence for soldier?

1. The deceased general was a great soldier. 2. The soldier carried a pack on his back.

How are soldiers in a regiment?

Brigade or Regiment Brigades are made up of 2,000-5,000 soldiers, normally split among three to five battalions. The armed cavalry and ranger forces of this size are called regiments or groups, not brigades.

How do you write a regiment?

REGIMENT: Do not use the shorthand for these units. For example, instead of writing 1/120th Infantry, write out the full name: 1st Battalion, 120th Infantry Regiment. Always list the subordinate unit before the name of the regiment: 1st Battalion, 2nd Squadron.

What’s meaning of regiment?

1a : to organize rigidly especially for the sake of regulation or control regiment an entire country. b : to subject to order or uniformity. 2 : to form into or assign to a regiment.

What is the sentence of army?

Army sentence example. Your army is grumbling. The whole army was extended in three lines: the cavalry in front, behind it the artillery, and behind that again the infantry. “Darkyn incorporated them into his army .

How do regiments work?

Usually, the regiment is responsible for recruiting and administering all of a soldier’s military career. Depending upon the country, regiments can be either combat units or administrative units or both. This is often contrasted to the “continental system” adopted by many armies.

What is a regiment team?

regiment, in most armies, a body of troops headed by a colonel and organized for tactical control into companies, battalions, or squadrons.

What kind of word is regiment?

Use the word regiment to describe a military unit that is smaller than a division: “Geoff’s new regiment consisted of three battalions that had been based in Alabama.” Most often used as a noun to describe a military unit made up of several battalions, the word regiment can also be used as a verb.

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