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What is a wishy on MovieStarPlanet?

What is a wishy on MovieStarPlanet?

Wishlist is a system within MovieStarPlanet which allows the player to give another player an item. Players unlock the option to give WL at Level 6.

How do you get fame on MSP?

Make short movies.

  1. Make lots of movies and share your movies with all of your friends.
  2. Make short movies with people walking or moving around. You’ll earn much more fame.
  3. Making longer movies will earn you at least 25 starcoins and even more fame.

How do you see someone’s wishlist on Moviestarplanet?

To see all items that you have added to your Wishlist, please go to your Profile and click the bookmark called “My Gifts”: Here you can also buy gifts for your friends. Go to their Profiles to check out their Wishlists, then surprise them by giving them one of those items.

What does a look do on moviestarplanet?

Looks are a creative feature on MovieStarPlanet which allows the player to share and save an outfit they have created of either their own avatar or another Moviestar’s. The player will earn fame when looks they’ve created receives loves and starcoins when a look they’ve created is purchased by another Moviestar.

How to get a boyfriend on moviestarplanet?

When you meet a guy you think you like on Moviestarplanet, you can ask him to be your boyfriend. But first you will want to see the steps below for how to get a boyfriend in MSP. 1. Find a guy you like talking to and seems nice. You don’t want to get a mean boyfriend. 2. Talk to him for a little while to get to know him. 3.

How to get more Star Coins on moviestarplanet?

There are a few ways to earn Starcoins quick in Moviestarplanet. 1. Play games to earn Starcoins. Try catwalk, dress up, crazy cards, casting, and quiz games. 2. Make a “look” and get other movie stars to buy your look. 3. Watch other players movies. You can earn Star Coins just for watching movies! 4. Get a VIP membership.

How to look good on movie star planet?

If you want your Movie Star Planet character looking as trendy as possible, you’ll want to be up-to-date on all of the latest fashion trends. Fashion blogs are a great way to quickly find images of what’s hot. Typing “fashion blog” into your favorite search engine will return lots of articles that list all of the best blogs to check out.

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