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What hand tools are made in Germany?

What hand tools are made in Germany?

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  • Felo.
  • GEDORE Red.
  • HAZET.
  • KUKKO.
  • NWS.

Are all hazet tools made in Germany?

Hazet tools is located in the same area as Gedore Tools, which is in Remscheid, Germany. Like their spiritual cousin Gedore, Hazet is well known for their quality tools and German manufacture.

Are knipex tools made in Germany?

Knipex (ˈknɪpɛks) is a German manufacturer of pliers for professional use. The headquarters are located in Wuppertal-Cronenberg….Knipex.

Type Privately owned
Industry Hand tools
Founded 1882 (Wuppertal, Germany)
Headquarters Wuppertal, Germany
Products Pliers, Cutters, Crimping tools, Wire strippers, Insulated tools

Is wiha still made in Germany?

Since 1891 “Made in Germany” products represent precision, trust, and innovation and is one of the decisive purchasing factors for many consumers. Wiha prides itself as the leader in the manufacturing of German hand tools and it’s by no accident.

Are Wera Tools worth the money?

Wera produce the best hand tools on the market overall, their product range is very impressive and every single item they sell is of the best quality. Some of them are on the expensive side but wera is always worth spending on, can’t recommend them enough, if you’re thinking of buying a wera product, do it!

Where are KS tools made?

On the grounds of planned growth, KS TOOLS was again forced to change their location. The founders decide to build for themselves in the new industrial estate in Heusenstamm, Germany, which would also provide possibilities for expansion in the future.

Where are Felo tools made?


Where are Klein Tools made?

Its corporate headquarters is in Lincolnshire, IL and its manufacturing headquarters is in Mansfield, TX. Klein Tools has a total of eight plants throughout Illinois, Texas, Iowa, Arkansas, Michigan and New York with over 1,000 total employees.

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