What galaxies are shaped like footballs?

What galaxies are shaped like footballs?

Elliptical Galaxies Ellipticals galaxies have a round or elliptical shape (like an American football), with a smooth appearance, contain no gas to fuel new star formation, and show little or no signatures of dust or any distinct features.

Which galaxies are football or oval shaped?

Elliptical galaxies are football shaped, fat in the center and tapered toward the ends. Stars in an elliptical galaxy spread out evenly from the galaxy’s center. The largest galaxies in the universe are giant elliptical galaxies which may have more than 1 trillion stars.

Are spiral galaxies football shaped?

A galaxy’s bulge is a central, football-shaped structure composed of stars, gas, and dust. The dark material surrounding the center of the galaxy is gas and dust that is being funneled into the central region by the bar.

Are there spherical galaxies?

There are spherical (or at least nearly spherical) galaxies! They fall into two basic categories – those elliptical galaxies that are pseudo-spherical in shape and the much smaller, so-called “dwarf spheroidal galaxies” that are found associated with our own Galaxy and other large galaxies in the “Local Group”.

Why are galaxies elliptical?

The universe is a violent place, and collisions between galaxies are frequent — indeed, the Milky Way is due to crash into the Andromeda Galaxy in a few billion years. When two spirals collide, they lose their familiar shape, morphing into the less-structured elliptical galaxies.

What causes the shape of galaxies?

The centrifugal force of the spinning gas cloud along with the gravitational pull within the clouds work together to give a galaxy its shape. All galaxies began with an elliptical shape, which is mostly a result of the centrifugal force of the spinning gas cloud. These four types or groupes are devided by their shape.

Are galaxies flat?

“Our results show that the Milky Way Galaxy is not flat. It is warped and twisted far away from the galactic centre. Warping may have happened through past interactions with satellite galaxies, intergalactic gas or dark matter (invisible material present in galaxies about which little in known).”

Are galaxies spherical?

How are spiral galaxies form?

Astronomers believe that a galaxy’s spiral structure originates as a density wave emanating from the galactic center. The idea is that the entire disk of a galaxy is filled with material. The spiral arms of a galaxy mark where in the galaxy the density wave recently passed, causing new stars to form and burn brightly.

Are galaxies spherical or flat?

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