What evidence is there that the seafloor is spreading?

What evidence is there that the seafloor is spreading?

The theory of seafloor spreading states that new ocean crust is continually being formed, and that this crust is slowly carried away from its point of origin over a period of time. The study of the repeated reversal of the Earth’s magnetic poles over time has provided convincing evidence of seafloor spreading.

Where is seafloor spreading located?

the mid-oceanic ridge
Sea-floor spreading is what happens at the mid-oceanic ridge where a divergent boundary is causing two plates to move away from one another resulting in spreading of the sea floor. As the plates move apart, new material wells up and cools onto the edge of the plates.

Which is one piece of evidence of seafloor spreading Brainly?

One piece of evidence of seafloor spreading is a mid-ocean ridge. Explanation: The Mid-Atlantic Ridge is a mountain system formed by plate tectonics on the seafloor.

Which of the following provides evidence to support the theory of seafloor spreading?

Sea floor spreading, revealed in mapping of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, and subduction zones are evidence for the theory of plate tectonics.

Which statement describes the cyclic nature of seafloor spreading?

The Statements that describe the cyclic nature of seafloor spreading are as follows; New oceanic crust is formed.

What landform is found where seafloor spreading occurs?

mid-ocean ridges
Seafloor spreading occurs along mid-ocean ridges—large mountain ranges rising from the ocean floor. The Mid-Atlantic Ridge, for instance, separates the North American plate from the Eurasian plate, and the South American plate from the African plate.

What are the three types of evidence for sea-floor spreading?

Molten material. Hess’s discovery on the warmer temperature near the mid-Atlantic ridge when he began the ocean mapping,led to his evidence about the molten material underneath the ocean.

  • Seafloor drill. The seafloor drilling system led to the evidence that supports the seafloor-spreading hypothesis.
  • Radiometric age dating and fossil ages.
  • How do scientists prove the seafloor is spreading?

    The magnetism of mid-ocean ridges helped scientists first identify the process of seafloor spreading in the early 20th century. Basalt, the once-molten rock that makes up most new oceanic crust, is a fairly magnetic substance, and scientists began using magnetometers to measure the magnetism of the ocean floor in the 1950s. What they discovered was that the magnetism of the ocean floor around mid-ocean ridges was divided into matching “stripes” on either side of the ridge.

    Where is evidence found for sea-floor spreading?

    Fossils of the Mesosaurs, an ancient freshwater reptile found in South America and Africa, indicate that the two continents could have once been one solid continent that drifted apart. Evidence for seafloor spreading has come from fossils in South America and Africa and magnetic minerals on the ocean floor.

    How can seafloor spreading be detected?

    seafloor spreading can be detected by changes in water temp changes in water chem sound monitoring submarine observation of the seafloor a fixed volcanic hot spot on the earth tends to produce a series of volcanic peaks on a moving plate

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