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What does Tympass mean?

What does Tympass mean?

the act or fact of spending time, especially doing nothing important or useful. ‘What are you doing? ‘ ‘Nothing, just timepass.

Is timepass a English word?

noun. The action or fact of passing the time, typically in an aimless or unproductive way.

Which one is correct time pass or pass time?

Pass time = to spend time doing something. Pass + time = pastime. Pastime = an activity one spends their time doing.

What are the 4 words for ours in Spanish?

What are the 4 words for ours in Spanish?

  • (referring to singular possession) (el/la) nuestro (nuestra)
  • (referring to plural possession) (los/las) nuestros (nuestras)
  • this house is ours esta casa es nuestra.
  • a friend of ours un amigo nuestro.

What does timepass mean in India?

Timepass: This phrase means doing nothing of much importance. So when you want to say “I’m chilling,” in India you can say “I’m doing timepass.”

What is timepass relationship?

If you ranting about your day to your partner makes you feel like you are chewing the ears off them, then it’s a very tell tale sign of a time pass relationship. Because when true love brews in hearts, you would be more than happy to be a part of every day of your significant other’s existence.

How do you say time has passed?


  1. passing. noun. the process by which time passes.
  2. go by. phrasal verb. if time goes by, it passes.
  3. wear on. phrasal verb. if time wears on, it passes.
  4. tick away. phrasal verb. if time ticks away or ticks by, it passes.
  5. elapse. verb. formal if time elapses, it passes.
  6. intervene. verb.
  7. creep by. phrasal verb.
  8. slip by. phrasal verb.

What is the meaning of times past?

Noun. 1. past times – the time that has elapsed; “forget the past” past, yesteryear. time – the continuum of experience in which events pass from the future through the present to the past.

How do you say time passed?

What is past time activity?

A pastime is any hobby or activity that you do to pass the time. Usually, people enjoy their pastimes. Other pastimes include listening to music, playing music, watching TV, playing video games, playing with your dog, and any kind of hobby. Whenever you’re awake and not working, you’re probably enjoying a pastime.

What do you mean by pass in Spanish?

Spanish Translation. pasar. More Spanish words for pass. el pase noun. permit, entrance card. pasar verb. go, move, happen, get, go by.

How do you tell the time in Spanish?

a tiempo = on time. a veces = at times. And finally: When telling the time in Spanish in reference to a timetable the 24 hour clock is used. e.g. 17.50 = las diecisiete cincuenta. e.g. 21.30 = las veintiuno treinta. Learn to speedily tell the time in Spanish the 200 Words a Day way!

What do you say when it’s half past the hour in Spanish?

To indicate that it’s half past the hour in Spanish, use the phrase y media. To indicate that it’s a quarter past the hour, use the phrase y cuarto. To indicate that it’s a quarter ’til the hour, use the phrase menos cuarto. Son las diez y media. It’s ten thirty. Es la una y cuarto.

When do you use Las horas in Spanish?

The plural feminine las is used when referring to more than one hour, las horas, the hours when telling the time in Spanish. Es la una y diez. = It’s 1.10. Son las ocho y veinticinco. = It’s 8.25. Es la una y cuarto. = It is 1.15. Son las ocho y cuarto. = It is 8.15.

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