What does Renfield notice about Mina Harker?

What does Renfield notice about Mina Harker?

What does Renfield notice about Mina Harker? Renfield attacks the Count to keep him from going back to Mina, but the Count smashes Renfield’s face into the floor and breaks his back.

How does Renfield react to Mina Harker?

Seward notes that Mina Harker wishes to see Renfield. He takes her to Renfield’s room, and Renfield, curiously, asks them to wait until he tidies things up. He simply swallowed all the flies and spiders in the boxes . . .” Renfield is extremely polite to Mina and seems to respond in a most sane way to her inquiries.

Why does Renfield turn against Count Dracula?

Renfield’s devotion is quickly reversed when he sees that the Count is taking life from Mina. It is his care for her that causes him to turn against Dracula and try to fight for her. The central theme of blood in Dracula is paralleled through Renfield.

What Mina’s hypnosis reveals?

On the 29th day of October, Dr. Seward records that Mina, under hypnosis, can hear and distinguish very little, and that the things which she does hear — such as the lowing of cattle — indicate that Dracula’s coffin is now being moved up-river.

What happened to Renfield?

Renfield appears in 1924 stage play Dracula by Hamilton Deane. In the play he is killed by Dracula for betraying him.

What does Renfield symbolize in Dracula?

Renfield, the patient at the lunatic asylum, begins by eating flies, but then graduates incrementally to larger animals. The flies, spiders, birds, and cats that Renfield wants to assassinate for sustenance symbolize the way sin can grow in a person.

Why is Renfield important in Dracula?

During the course of the novel, the role of Renfield as a patient allows the reader to understand his behavior from the perspective of a psychologist. When Seward denies his request, Renfield tells the vampire hunters that “[he] warned them!” When Dracula returns that night, Renfield is again seized by his conscience.

How is Renfield described in Dracula?

Renfield. A patient at Seward’s mental asylum. Variously a strong behemoth and a refined gentleman, Renfield indulges a habit of consuming living creatures—flies, spiders, birds, and so on—which he believes provide him with strength, vitality, and life force.

What happens to Renfield?

He is killed by Professor Van Helsing in the final episode when Renfield finds Van Helsing destroying the serum that allows the vampire to walk in the sunlight.

Does Renfield become vampire?

With control over the entire house, Renfield holds his master to ransom, finally forcing the Count to bite him. Renfield then turns into a vampire. Later in the episode Renfield becomes part of the plan to rescue Vlad from the Vampire High Council.

What does Renfield symbolize?

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