What did Victorian girls do at school?

What did Victorian girls do at school?

Typical lessons at school included the three Rs – Reading, WRiting and Dictation, and ARithmetic. In addition to the three Rs which were taught most of the day, once a week the children learned geography, history and singing. The girls learned how to sew.

What were some popular children’s games activities in the Victorian era?

Board games such as Snakes and Ladders, Ludo and Draughts were popular indoor games. Outdoors, Victorian children played with toys like hoops, marbles and skipping ropes, with friends in the street, or in the school playground. They played chasing games such as Tag, Blind Man’s Bluff, and played catch with balls.

How did Victorians spend their time?

Victorian life could be busy but Victorians liked to make good use of their leisure time by playing games and sports and going on day trips and holidays. The ways in which people could entertain themselves varied depending on whether they were rich or poor, male or female.

What did Victorian children do in their leisure time?

People in Victorian times didn’t have as much spare time as we do now – they worked for longer (including the children), and housework took longer, too. They were often hand-made and children would share toys like marbles, whip and tops, skipping ropes and dolls with their brothers and sisters and friends.

What did Victorians do in the evening?

Before electricity, what did Victorian families do in the evenings? For some the answer was simple – they went to sleep. Others did a variety of activities by candlelight, oil lamp, or gas light. Like today, children had homework.

What did children play with in the Victorian era?

Most toys in the Victorian period belonged to rich children. Girls played with: china dolls, rocking horses and tea sets whilst boys played with: toy soldiers, train sets and marbles. Poorer children usually played with home-made toys.

What was the school day like in Victorian times?

The school day in Victorian times was in the mould of the modern day 9-5pm. Children of a very young age were expected to maintain their best attention at all times and adhere to the rules of the school.

What to do with children on Victorian day?

Get children to read out loud from the Bible. Play traditional playground games during playtime (skipping, hoops, blindmans bluff, hide and seek). Separate the girls from the boys… the girls do cookery or sewing while the boys do gardening or technical drawing.

Why was discipline so important in Victorian times?

Discipline was huge in the Victorian times and this was no different in schools. It wasn’t uncommon for children to be beat by canes made from birch wood. Boys were typically caned on their backsides whereas Girls would take the punishment on their legs or hands. The reasons ranged from truancy right through to laziness in the classroom.

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