What did Ponce de Leon do in 1513?

What did Ponce de Leon do in 1513?

In pursuit of a rumored fountain of youth located on an island known as Bimini, Ponce de León led an expedition to the coast of what is now Florida in 1513. Thinking it was the island he sought, he sailed back to colonize the region in 1521, but was fatally wounded in a Native American attack soon after his arrival.

Where did Ponce de Leon make landfall in 1513?

La Florida
Ponce armed three ships, well-crewed with sailors and other seamen and left San German port (Puerto Rico) on March 3, 1513. On March 27, Ponce first sighted the Eastern shores of the peninsula and on April 3, 1513 he made landfall, naming the “island” La Florida!

What was one of Juan Ponce de Leon’s important discoveries?

Ponce de Leon is most famous for his discovery of St. Augustine, Florida. He also conquered the island of Borinquen, which led to the discovery of much gold. In Puerto Rico, De Leon forced the natives to be slaved and started a successful operation. Ponce de Leon discovered land, gold, and slaves.

Did Ponce de Leon have a wife?

Juan Ponce de León was told to expand the settlement and to continue his mining efforts for gold. He returned to the island with his wife, Leonora, and their four children. Ponce de León had a stone house built for his family and today, this house still stands near Salvaleón de Higüey.

What did Ponce de Leon struggle with?

Ponce de León found that his position in San Juan Bautista had weakened in his absence. Marauding Carib Indians had attacked Caparra and Ponce de León’s family had narrowly escaped with their lives. Diego Columbus used this as an excuse to enslave any natives, a policy that Ponce de León didn’t support.

What did Ponce de Leon do on his exploration?

Early Exploration. In 1493, Ponce de León sailed with Christopher Columbus on Columbus’ second voyage to the Americas. He and his family settled on an island in the Caribbean named Hispaniola (Dominican Republic). He became a military commander at this post and was appointed deputy governor. In 1506, Ponce de León discovered a nearby island named Borinquen. While there, he found large deposits of gold. Soon after his discovery, he left the island.

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