What did Pericles do that made him famous?

What did Pericles do that made him famous?

Pericles is perhaps most famous for his great building projects. He wanted to establish Athens as the leader of the Greek world and wanted to build an acropolis that represented the city’s glory. He rebuilt many temples on the acropolis that were destroyed by the Persians.

How did Pericles make Athens great?

Pericles was an Athenian statesman who played a large role in developing democracy in Athens and helped make it the political and cultural center of ancient Greece. This expanded citizen participation in politics. Pericles also served as commander-in-chief of the Athenian army during the First Peloponnesian War.

Who was Pericles and how did he influence life in Athens quizlet?

Pericles was the general of Athens after the Persian Wars. Pericles made Athens a more democratic city-state, he made Athens a center of learning and the arts, he rebuilt Athens and erected new monuments, temples, and statues, and he supported writers, artists, teachers, sculptors, and architects.

Why was Pericles an important and memorable leader?

Pericles is credited for making Athens the cultural, religious, political and economic centre of Greece. He paved the way for the larger empire of Greece and his doctrines pertaining to majority elected governance system are among the earliest seeds of democracy as we know it.

Who was the leader of Athens during the Periclean age?

Leader of Classical Athens during the Periclean Age. Pericles (sometimes spelled Perikles) lived between about 495–429 B.C.E. and was one of the most important leaders of the classical period of Athens, Greece. He is largely responsible for rebuilding the city following the devastating Persian Wars of 502–449 B.C.E.

Who was the leader of Athens in the 460s?

Pericles was elected strategos in 460, and remained in that role for the next 29 years. In the 460s, the Helots rebelled against the Spartans who asked for help from Athens. In response to Sparta’s request for help, Athens’ leader Cimon led troops into Sparta.

Who was the best orator in ancient Greece?

Pericles’ consort Aspasia, one of the best-known women of ancient Greece, taught rhetoric to the young philosopher Socrates. Pericles himself was a master orator. His speeches and elegies (as recorded and possibly interpreted by Thucydides) celebrate the greatness of a democratic Athens at its peak.

When was the Golden Age of Athenian culture?

The golden age of Athenian culture is usually dated from 449 to 431 B.C., the years of relative peace between the Persian and Peloponnesian wars. After the second Persian invasion of Greece in 479,…

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