What did Nathaniel Hawthorne accomplish?

What did Nathaniel Hawthorne accomplish?

One of the greatest fiction writers in American literature, he is best known for The Scarlet Letter (1850) and The House of the Seven Gables (1851).

When was Nathaniel Hawthorne considered a success?

The period 1850 to 1853 was Hawthorne’s most productive, as he wrote The House of the Seven Gables and The Blithedale Romance, along with A Wonder Book (1852) and Tanglewood Tales (1853).

Why did Nathaniel Hawthorne write scarlet letter?

The Scarlet Letter: A romance published in 1850, a book of fiction in a historical setting, written by American author Nathaniel Hawthorne. Hawthorne’s purpose for writing The Scarlet Letter was so he could reveal the life and hypocrisy of the Puritan communities back in those days.

What did Nathaniel Hawthorne contribute to American literature?

Nathaniel Hawthorne, born on July 4, 1804 in Salem, Massachusetts was an American short story writer and romance novelist who experimented with a broad range of styles and genres. He is best known for his short stories and two widely read novels: The Scarlet Letter (mid-March 1850) and The House of Seven Gables (1851).

What is Hawthorne best remembered for?

Author Nathaniel Hawthorne is best known for his novels ‘The Scarlet Letter’ and ‘The House of Seven Gables,’ and also wrote many short stories.

What are Hawthorne’s political beliefs?

Hawthorne was not only anti-abolitionist but antipolitical. He believed political life to be degrading, and yet, he was deeply involved in the Democratic Party, carrying out a kickback scheme that required his employees to contribute to the Democratic Party and supporting to the Democratic Party paper (Herbert 162).

Is the scarlet letter based on a true story?

No, The Scarlet Letter is not a true story. However, author Nathaniel Hawthorne took actual events and attitudes of Puritan America revealed in historical records and infused them into his work, exposing elements of truth and lending credibility to his historical novel.

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