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What did Gordon Guggisberg establish in Ghana?

What did Gordon Guggisberg establish in Ghana?

3 Guggisberg is credited with accelerating the process of Africanization of the civil service, introducing a liberal constitution, building Achimota School and Takoradi Harbour, increasing the length of the railway and motorable roads in the country, and building the famous Körle Bu Hospital.

What are the achievements of Guggisberg?

Distinguished Service Order
Gordon Guggisberg/Awards

What is the Burns constitution of 1946?

In 1946, he brought about the new constitution which changed the Legislative Council to consist of six ex officio members, six nominated members, and eighteen elected members, this led to an African majority on the council. In 1943, a ritual murder took place in Kyebi.

How did Gordon Guggisberg fund his developmental projects in Gold Coast?

He got the money for its construction partly from the local sources and partly from a loan of £4 million which he raised in London. Work was started in 1921 and completed in Page 3 3 1928. Takoradi harbour was to play a very important role in the import and export trade of the gold coast.

What is Guggisberg economy?

More than half a century after independence, the Ghanaian economy remains dependent on cocoa and gold for its survival. In essence, the economy has retained its colonial “Guggisberg structure.” The endurance of the Guggisberg economy has come with considerable costs.

What are the principles of Gordon Guggisberg?

Guggisberg’s education policies stressed the need for improved teacher training, equal education for girls, a greater emphasis on vocational training, and the establishment of secondary and technical schools. Achimota School was part of Guggisberg’s plan to reform the Gold Coast’s educational system.

What is the meaning of Guggisberg?

Swiss German and South German: habitational name from a place named with gugge ‘cuckoo’ or ‘toad’ + berg ‘mountain’, ‘hill’. According to some, gug may be an old word meaning ‘swamp’ and South German guggi ‘toad’ a derivative of it.

What are the features of Richard constitution of 1946?


  • Integration of Nigeria under one (1) council.
  • Each region had its own regional council.
  • Bi-cameral legislature in the North but uni-cameral for the East and West.
  • An executive council of official to assist the governor.

Who is Alan burn?

Allan Pennington Burns (May 18, 1935 – January 30, 2021) was an American screenwriter and television producer….

Allan Burns
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What was the purpose of the construction of the Takoradi Harbour?

The idea for the construction of the port was first advocated in 1895 by consulting engineers of the British government. The engineers proposed that the harbour when constructed could serve both as a terminal port for the Tarkwa railway project and a naval port to serve the British empire in war times.

What did Richard constitution of 1946 create?

The 1946 Richards Constitution provided for a new legislative council for the whole country. The council was made up of the governor as president, sixteen officials and twenty eight unofficials.

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