What are the principal objectives of personnel administration?

What are the principal objectives of personnel administration?

Dirks observes that “the objectives of personnel administration include the utilization of human resources effectively, establishment and maintenance of productive and self-respecting working relationships among the participant and attainment of maximum individual development of the members in the organization”.

What are the function of personnel administration?

The functions like recruitment of personnel, upgradation of their skills, formulation of a sound promotion policy, maintenance of disci, line in the organisation, redressal of personnel grievances, improvement of their working conditions etc. fall within the purview of personnel administration.

What are the characteristics of personnel administration?


  • (a) It is concerned With Employees:
  • (b) It is concerned With Personnel Policies:
  • (c) Creation of Cordial Environment:
  • (d) It is of a Continuous Nature:
  • (e) It Ensures Economic, Social and Individual Satisfaction:

What is personnel administration and its nature?

Personnel administration is, “The field management which has to do with planning, organizing, directing and controlling various operative functions of procuring, developing, maintaining and utilizing a labour force, such that the objectives for which the company is established are attained economically and effectively. …

What is personnel administration and management?

: the phase of management concerned with the engagement and effective utilization of manpower to obtain optimum efficiency of human resources.

Why is personnel administration important?

Personnel administration is the collective concern towards the human resources of an organization. Therefore, the human resource policies pertaining to recruitment, training and development of human resource skills gains importance in today’s competitive market.

What are the advantages of personnel administration?

Good personnel management is responsible for creating and maintaining a harmonious working environment. This includes ensuring that the compensation and benefits strategy for the business encourages success, employee disciplinary and grievance procedures, effective communication, and solid health and safety policies.

What is the importance of personnel management?

Which is the most important function of Personnel Administration?

10 important functions of personnel administration. 1. Placing the right man on the right job. 2. Selecting new employees for the organisation. 3. Training men for jobs that are new to them. 4. Improving job performance of each man.

What are the basic principles of Personnel Management?

According to Halsey certain principles of sound personnel management useful in building good worker morale are as below: 1. Care and skill should be exercised in the selection of employees. 2. Introduction to the job should be friendly, skilful and adequate. 3. Each employee should be made to feel that his efforts are really appreciated.

Is the Public Personnel Administration in a vacuum?

Public personnel administration does not exist in a vacuum. It is the product of vital public policy, it operates under public scrutiny, it mirrors general social and economic circumstances, and it has a continuous impact upon the general welfare.

What was the development of school personnel administration?

27. + Development of School Personnel Administration  It has developed in various ways beginning with the exercise of the hiring-firing activities , and all that went in between , by the board of education itself.

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