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What are the names of apparatus?

What are the names of apparatus?

A List of Basic Chemistry Apparatus

  • Safety goggles and safety equipment.
  • Beakers.
  • Erlenmeyer flasks, AKA conical flasks.
  • Florence flasks, AKA boiling flasks.
  • Test tubes, tongs, and racks.
  • Watch glasses.
  • Crucibles.
  • Funnels.

What is chemistry apparatus?

Beakers are useful as a reaction container or to hold liquid or solid samples. They are also used to catch liquids from titrations and filtrates from filtering operations. Bunsen Burners are sources of heat. Burets are for addition of a precise volume of liquid.

What are the apparatus used in physics laboratory?

These may include glass beakers, test tunes, items scales, lenses, heat lamps, magnets, balls, pendulums inclined planes etc. A physics lab may also include some more sophisticated equipment, such as voltammeter, electroscope, potentiometer, telescopes, microscopes, spectroscopes; electromagnets etc.

What are the uses of apparatus?

lab equipment and uses

thermometer Used to take temperature of solids, liquids, and gases.
utility clamp Used to attach test tubes and other glassware to ring stand.
vacuum filter flask Used with vacuum line and Buchner funnel for vacuum filtration.

Is apparatus and equipment the same?

It can also be used at times to describe the functioning of for example the government apparatus, espionage apparatus or the digestive apparatus. Equipment on the other hand can ve divided into a couple of sections: non-mechanical which can be things like kitchen equipment, measuring cups, knives (all hand tools).

What is the use of apparatus in laboratory?

lab equipment and uses

beaker Used to hold and heat liquids. Multipurpose and essential in the lab.
brushes Used to easily clean the inside of a test tubes and other glassware.
Buchner funnel Used with vacuum flask for performing vacuum filtration.
Bunsen burner Used for heating and exposing items to flame.

What kind of apparatus is used in the laboratory?

Some of the items of common laboratory apparatus used in the laboratory are shown below. Names and functions of the apparatus used in the laboratory are: A Bunsen burner is a source of heat or mechanical appliances for which absolute safety is required while using Bunsen Burner. it is linked to a flammable gas source.

What are the names of the instruments used in the lab?

Instruments used are AAS, molecular spectroscopy, infrared spectroscopy, ultraviolet spectroscopy, and X-Ray analytical (XRD, XRF). Imaging systems: They aid in producing an image of objects by light on a sensitive surface like films.

What kind of equipment is used in a hospital?

They include beakers, bottles, condensers/distillation, flasks, funnels, glass washers/dryers, test tubes, and vials. Clinical lab equipment: These are apparatus mostly used in clinical areas, mostly in hospitals. They include blood/gas analyzers, cell counters, chemistry analyzers, coagulation analyzers, and haematology analyzers.

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