What are the five features of departmental store?

What are the five features of departmental store?

Usually a departmental store offers the following advantages:

  • (i) Shopping convenience:
  • (ii) Wide Choice:
  • (iii) Economies of large scale:
  • (iv) Liberal services:
  • (v) Central Location:
  • (vi) Economy and Advertising:
  • (vii) Use of Specialised Services:
  • (viii) Large Volume of Sales:

What do you mean by departmental store explain the features of?

A departmental store is a large establishment offering a wide variety of products, classified into well-defined departments, aimed at satisfying practically every customer’s need under one roof. It has a number of departments, each one confining its activities to one kind of product, e.g., there may… read more.

Which is not a feature of departmental store?

Specialised in one line product is not a feature of a departmental store.

What are the features of a good store?

Features of a good stores layout

  • It should be divided into rows and columns or baays with proper number allocated to them so as to make easy to locate the materials in the storeroom.
  • The warehouse into sections according to the nature of materials.

What are the features of departmental stores How are they different from multiple shops or chain stores?

They offer limited customer services. They are located in central parts of cities so as to attract a large number of customers. They have multiple locations—that is, they are spread across cities or towns. They do not follow a fixed pricing policy as the prices of products vary across departments.

WHAT IS department store explain its merits and demerits?

Greater choice: These stores have wide variety of products under different departments which offer great choice to the consumers. Convenient: These stores provide more convenience to the consumers as they don’t have to go from shop to shop for the purchase. They can have all at one place.

How does a department store work?

A department store has been defined as a retail shop or store, selling a variety of articles less than one roof, having designated departments divided into well-knit sections from the view-point of management. ADVERTISEMENTS: It must satisfy the shopping spirit of consumers while providing them with a host of services.

What is an example of a department store?

Examples are Macy’s, Bloomingdale’s, J.C. Penney, Sears and Belk. Discount department store, a large discount store selling apparel and home furnishings at a discount, either selling overstock from mainline department stores, or merchandise especially made for the discount department store market.

What are the features of multiple shop?

The features of multiple shops or chain stores can be mentioned as follows:

  • Central ownership and control.
  • Uniformity in price and cash sales.
  • Buying and selling policy.
  • Limited range of products.
  • Uniformity.
  • Standardized goods.

What are the features of a departmental store?

The entire store is divided into a number of departments each displaying a certain type of goods. a departmental store sells everything from pin to plane under one roof. The salient features of a departmental store are given below:

Are there any departmental stores in the country?

There are only a few important departmental stores in the country even today. A departmental store is a large-scale retail organisation having a number of departments under one roof. Each department specialises in one particular kind of trade. All these departments are centrally organised and are under one united management and control.

Why is it important to have a department store?

The basic principle of department store is that it is easier to sell more goods to the same customer by keeping a wide variety of goods than to find many customers for the same kind of goods. Hence, a department store acts as a universal supplier of a wide variety of goods. It tries to satisfy all expected human wants under one roof.

Why are departmental stores not popular in India?

There is a tendency of developing unhealthy competition between the departments. The control and effective supervision of various departments is also difficult to exercise. The departmental stores have not become much popular in India. There are only a few important departmental stores in the country even today.

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