Is Keroro a frog?

Is Keroro a frog?

Plot. The Keroro Platoon is a group of five, froglike alien soldiers from Planet Keron. They mean to conquer “Pekopon” (their name for “Earth”) but fail every time they try. Their leader, Sergeant Keroro, is incompetent and has little interest in conquering Pekopon.

What species is Keroro?

The Keronians (Keronjin) are the natural inhabitants of the planet Keron, a planet that is said to be the fifty-eighth planet in the Gamma planetary system….Keronian.

Universe Keroro Gunsou / Sergeant Frog
Homeworld Keron
Average Height Anywhere from a foot to two feet tall (~ 30 – 61 cm)

Is Keroro still ongoing?

The original Keroro Gunso series. The main storyline, which started in December 1999, is still currently running, even getting its own animated TV show and a re-released flash series.

Who made Sgt. Frog?

Mine Yoshizaki
Sgt. Frog/Creators

Who is the first lieutenant in Keroro Gunso?

) is a character in the series Keroro Gunso. He is the first lieutenant (中尉 chui) [RANKS] and leader of the Garuru Platoon . Garuru was first introduced at the end of episode 100 with the rest of his Platoon to replace the Keroro Platoon in their mission to conquer Pekopon . Garuru is the older brother of Giroro.

Which is Keroro Platoon defeated the Garuru Platoon?

The Keroro Platoon, ranked Class F, has defeated the Garuru Platoon, which ranked class A. In Episode 157 the platoon is shown to like getting shots in their butts, shouting,”Oh Yes.” It is the only platoon without any Keronian females in it.

Who are the higher ups in the Keroro Platoon?

Keroro Platoon – The Keroro Platoon seem to fear the Garuru Platoon, and recognize them and Garuru as higher ups. After the battle for Pekopon, they still fear Garuru, but they do see him as a friend. It is unknown what color Garuru’s true eyes are, though most people say they are red.

Who is the best sniper in Keroro Platoon?

Garuru Chūi) is Giroro ‘s elder brother. He, much like Giroro, is a straight man and follows military rules strictly. Unlike Giroro, he does not fire his weapons in barrages; instead, he is the best sniper in the whole army, with a devastating one-shot-one-kill style.

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