Is homecoming fiction or nonfiction?

Is homecoming fiction or nonfiction?

Homecoming (novel)

Author Cynthia Voigt
Genre Young adult novel
Publisher Atheneum Books
Publication date 1981
Media type Print

What grade level is Homecoming by Cynthia Voigt?


Interest Level Reading Level ATOS
Grades 4 – 8 Grades 2 – 8 4.4

Is Homegoing appropriate for teens?

Supporting the national Common Core State Standards (CCSS) in reading literature for high school curriculums, Homegoing is an appropriate selection for grades eleven and twelve in language arts or and world history classes.

How old is dicey in the book homecoming?

The novel’s protagonist. Dicey is a thirteen-year-old girl with a haircut that makes her look like a boy and a fierce determination to survive and keep her family together.

Who is the younger brother of Pratik in the home coming?

उत्तर: Makhan was a spoilsport. Makhan, Phatik’s younger brother, decided against the plan of rolling the wooden log and sat down on the log. When he did not get up after repeated threats and requests by Phatik, Phatik ordered his friends to roll the log and Makhan with it.

Who is the author of the book Homecoming?

Homecoming (1981), a young-adult novel by Cynthia Voigt, is the first book in a series of seven known as the Tillerman Cycle. Set in the early 1980s, the story follows four siblings, the youngest of whom is six years old and the oldest thirteen.

What was the book Homecoming by Cynthia Voigt about?

Ah….Homecoming. This is one of the few books I read in junior high that I still love reading from time to time. The book is the story of Dicey, a young teen, and her three siblings. Their mother, who is suffering from poverty and mental illness, abandons them in her old beat up car in the mall parking lot.

Where does the story of Homecoming take place?

The novel begins when the Tillerman children find themselves alone in their car, some miles from their home, in a shopping mall parking lot in Peewauket, apparently Connecticut. Momma had driven them away from home, saying that they were going to visit her Aunt Cilla in Bridgeport, Connecticut.

What are the major themes in the book Homecoming?

Major themes. Family as home: The children learn the importance of families throughout the novel. Their “Homecoming” is a journey that leads them to a long-lost grandmother, the mother of their beloved – and now lost – Momma, and a key to unlocking their family history. They start to learn that families can be fragile,…

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