Is brainbench certification recognized?

Is brainbench certification recognized?

Quality: Brainbench certifications are recognized worldwide As we like to say, they are “Test developed for professionals, by professionals.” Utilizing Computer Adaptive Testing (CAT) technology, each test-taker is administered a different set of test questions enhancing the test’s security.

Is Brainbench certification free?

Brainbench Free Tests Simply test-drive Brainbench with a FREE certification test today. Brainbench Certifications™ have already helped thousands of professionals like you earn the recognition and respect they deserve. To take your FREE certification test, register now and choose from one of our many FREE tests.

What is a brainbench certification?

BRAINBENCH – THE LEADER IN ONLINE CERTIFICATION Pioneering career advancement tools for individuals since 1998. 600 challenging skills tests including dozens for FREE. Over 10 million members and counting. Online Account: Share your resume, certifications, test results, and career information.

What happened to brainbench?

Brainbench is an online education company founded in January 1998 (until 8 December 1999 the name was Tekmetrics.com) and later acquired by PreVisor in 2006. PreVisor merged with SHL in 2011; SHL was acquired by the Corporate Executive Board in 2012. CEB was acquired by Gartner in 2017.

Are there any free tests on brainbench.com?

Brainbench.com offers free tests in a variety of disciplines. Many are IT and IS related. With more than 230 tests available, Brainbench provides the opportunity to earn its own version of those popular certifications, as well as certifications covering ActiveX, C++, ColdFusion, HTML, Java, Linux, Oracle, and Python.

How long do you have to answer modules on Brainbench?

Most modules consist of a series of multiple-choice questions (each of which you have three minutes to answer). You are allowed to take one 15-minute break per test. In order to pass the test and receive a Standard Level certificate, you must score a 2.75 (on a scale of 1.0 to 5.0).

What should my score be on the Brainbench test?

In order to pass the test and receive a Standard Level certificate, you must score a 2.75 (on a scale of 1.0 to 5.0). Brainbench will award you a Master Level certificate if you score a 4.0 or higher. Those numbers, along with an in-depth description of what your score really means, are posted to your online transcript.

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