How were the voting rights of African-Americans taken away quizlet?

How were the voting rights of African-Americans taken away quizlet?

How were the voting rights of african americans taken away? Southern states began imposing restrictions, charging a poll tax of $2 to register to vote. Also the literacy test. Upheld the Louisiana law and the doctrine of “separate but equal” facilities for African-Americans.

Why did many African-Americans move to Kansas quizlet?

a name given to black Americans who fled the Southern United States for Kansas in 1879 and 1880. After the end of Reconstruction, racial oppression and rumors of the reinstitution of slavery led many freedmen to seek a new place to live. Many settled in Kansas.

What prevented African Americans from voting in the South quizlet?

5 Actions that prevented African Americans from exercising voting rights. 1. Poll tax- charged fee for voting ($1-2) Many African Americans could not pay the fee. 2. Literacy Test- gave a way for poor whites to vote; most blacks could not read.

Why did freedmen move west?

In the 50 years following the end of Reconstruction, African Americans transformed American life once more: They moved. Driven in part by economic concerns, and in part by frustration with the straitened social conditions of the South, in the 1870s African Americans began moving North and West in great numbers.

Why did plain farmers support Bimetallism?

Why did Plains farmers in the late 1800’s tend to support bimetallism? It would allow them to profit from the mineral rights on their land. It would lower the prices of seed and farm machinery.

What were the five ways African Americans were prevented from voting after the passage of the 15th Amendment?

Poll taxes, literacy tests, fraud and intimidation all turned African Americans away from the polls. Until the Supreme Court struck it down in 1915, many states used the “grandfather clause ” to keep descendents of slaves out of elections.

Where did the National Farmers Alliance come from?

The roots of the National Farmers’ Alliance and Industrial Union, commonly known as the “Southern Alliance,” dated back to approximately 1875, when a group of ranchers in Lampasas County, Texas organized as a Texas Alliance as a means of cooperating to apprehend horse thieves, round up stray animals,…

When was the Alliance of Colored Farmers formed?

In February 1887 the group was chartered under the laws of Texas as the Alliance of Colored Farmers. This was followed by a convention in Lovelady, Texas held on March 14, 1888, at which the group was redefined as national in scope under the name Colored Farmers’ National Alliance and Cooperative Union.

Who was involved in the farmers’movement in the south?

The movement included several parallel but independent political organizations — the National Farmers’ Alliance and Industrial Union among the white farmers of the South, the National Farmers’ Alliance among the white and black farmers of the Midwest and High Plains, where the Granger movement had been strong, and the Colored Farmers’ National

Who was the Northern Alliance and what did they do?

The Northern Alliance The National Farmers’ Alliance, commonly known as the “Northern Alliance,” was established on March 21, 1877, by a group of members of the Grange movement from New York state.

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