How old is Brittany Kerr?

How old is Brittany Kerr?

33 years (June 19, 1988)
Brittany Kerr/Age

What is Jason Aldean’s real last name?

Jason Aldine Williams
Jason Aldean/Full name

Jason Aldean Jason Aldine Williams was forced to change his name because it was already taken by famous basketball player Jason Williams.

Who is Jason Aldean’s current wife?

Brittany Kerrm. 2015
Jessica Aldeanm. 2001–2013
Jason Aldean/Wife

How tall is Jason Aldean?

1.85 m
Jason Aldean/Height

Did Jason Aldean get married?

Country singer Jason Aldean and his wife, Brittany Kerr (Aldean), have been married since 2015. The couple shares two children, and Jason has two daughters from a previous marriage as well.

How much is Jason Aldean’s net worth?

To date, Aldean’s music, as well as his business savvy, have earned him a net worth of $80 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

Is Jason Aldean still married?

What did Jason Aldean do for a living?

Aldean established himself as one of country music’s top dogs and a stand-up family guy. Besides rocking out on stage and strumming a guitar, he was also a loving and devoted husband to his high school sweetheart Jessica and father to two precious daughters.

How many kids does Jason Aldean have?

While Jason and Brittany Aldean are happy to share their love story with the public in most regards, there are some things that they would rather not share with their fans. Aldean has two daughters from his first marriage to his longtime wife Jessica, and those kids are now entering their teens years.

Who was Jason Aldean dressing as for Halloween?

Jason Aldean and Brittany Kerr ruffled even more feathers when Aldean dressed as rapper Lil’ Wayne for Halloween. Choosing to paint his face entirely black was not well received by the public, for obvious reasons, but he and Kerr didn’t seem all that remorseful about it.

Who was the girl that Jason Aldean kissed?

“It’s my one of my favorite parts of the day,” Aldean told the magazine. But barely two months later, the singer was photographed kissing Brittany Kerr at a Hollywood bar, which caused such a huge uproar with country music fans that Kerr was forced to delete her Twitter account.

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