How much is a nickel with a star on it worth?

How much is a nickel with a star on it worth?

The US five cent coin was issued with an shield on the front and a 5 with stars on the reverse from 1866 – 1883 ….Year of Issue.

Year of issue 1883/2
Value in US $ for grade f 130
Value in US $ for grade vf 180
Value in US $ for grade xf 250

What is a 1958 D nickel worth?

1958-D Nickel Value A worn 1958-D nickel is worth 7 to 10 cents. Uncirculated 1958-D nickels have a value of about 35 cents to $1. The most valuable 1958-D nickel was graded by Professional Coin Grading Service as MS67 Full Steps and sold in 2008 for $6,325.

Where is the mint mark on a 1957 nickel?

The 1957-D nickel from the Denver Mint features a “D” mintmark on the right side of the reverse (tails side) — between the right side of Monticello and the rim.

What is a black beauty nickel?

All I could find is that a black beauty nickel is when the metal that is used to cut the planchets overheats it causes the nickel and copper inside to diffuse into two distinct layers in stead of the mix with the nickel top layer.

Is a 1957 nickel rare?

1957 No Mintmark Nickel Value Only 38,408,000 were struck — placing it on the lower end of mintages seen among the circulation-strike Jefferson nickels. A typical, well-worn 1957 nickel is worth 7 to 15 cents. Most uncirculated specimens fetch about 50 cents to $2, depending on their condition.

What is the value of a 1958 Jefferson nickel?

CoinTrackers.com has estimated the 1958 Jefferson Nickel value at an average of 5 cents, one in certified mint state (MS+) could be worth $38.

What is the most valuable Jefferson nickel?

The most valuable Jefferson nickels are the early coins, produced in 1938 and beyond, such as the 1939 nickel, although they may not be worth more than a few hundred dollars, compared to other coins in other nickel series.

How much is a nickel worth?

Circulated 1958 nickels with no mint mark are worth 10 to 20 cents apiece, depending on their individual condition. Most uncirculated specimens are worth 50 cents to $1. The single-finest specimen known (graded by Professional Coin Grading Service as MS66+ Full Steps) sold for $13,512.50 in a 2019 auction.

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